Angry Birds Space Review - Ads make the game unplayable (

King Kenny (AndroidGamesReview) writes: Ads make the game unplayable: Of course, you could just buy the full version and you’re sorted. However, any free version of a game, even if it is limited, should be playable. Angry Birds Space Free has levels where you simply cannot complete the stage if there is an ad displaying in the top-right, as you need to interact with that area of the screen. The placing of the sling is also questionable – it needs to be further right, so that there is enough space to pull a bird back...

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schlanz2426d ago

Good thing I bought the ad-free version. 99 cents is really too much for some people?

Rainstorm812426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

The Ad placement is horrendous & sometimes even obstructs your objective......but with that said Angry Birds Space feels like a true sequel to Angry Birds.

It brings that addictive nature of the game back while feeling fresh and new, im not a big fan of phone/tablet games but this new one is pretty good

Now if they can get it on the PSV, id love to play it on that OLED screen