Best apps for graphics on new iPad 3

Product Reviews writes: This is not a full new iPad 3 review, but what we will give you is our first impressions with some of the best new iPad apps for graphics and after having a lot of experience with Apple products over many generations.

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danswayuk2494d ago

The graphics are really good on the new iPad, great for racing games although you can forget me playing FPS at this time, PS Vita, PS3 or Xbox 360 for that.

sak5002494d ago

With the way displays have been improving on the tablets/phones if some external controller compatibility is reached and games start supporting these then it would really be taken seriously as gaming platform. I for one, can't keep playing fps games like NOVA, Battlefield by sliding fingers over flat slippery glass touchscreens.

danswayuk2494d ago

Well said, the iPad can stream well to 55-inch HDTV's now add some controller support and we got another angle for gaming.

tr00p3r2494d ago

The games are looking nice, but I still can't take it seriously as a viable handheld gaming device. Ps vita does that job just fine at the moment

danswayuk2494d ago

While I agree with games like Mass Effect, the same cannot be said for racing games, which play much better on the iPad. As an owner of both the PS Vita and iPad 3, and played Real Racing 2 HD on the iPad and F1 on the Vita, I know what I prefer especially when streaming to a HDTV and using the iPad as a wheel and second display with dials etc.

joebrown2494d ago

Nice read. Crazy where tablets are going in the graphics department.

HoneyBadger2494d ago

A couple more generations of iPads and the graphics are going to me amazing

specialguest2494d ago

I don't expect it to not be amazing since there's a continues annual upgrade on the hardware. One of the issues is the potential split market of current gen iPads vs old gen. Will those who have the older model iPads be able to run games made to take advantage of the higher end hardwares of the latest and greatest iPad?

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