KoA: Reckoning - The Legend of Dead Kel DLC Review [Dealspwn] writes: "The Legend Of Dead Kel makes a horrible first impression. Within a few minutes, players are introduced to some bad poetry (a series staple) and a truly hateful support character who appears to be on an NPC exchange programme from the Fable franchise. Captain Brattigan is an atrocious piece of character design: an aggravatingly preppy, infeasibly incompetent, stereotypically-voiced disaster who's unsuccessfully played for laughs yet occasionally vainly tries to engage with you as a well-rounded person. With this mewling puke in tow, you'll agree to hunt down and destroy an undead pirate - the eponymous Dead Kel - and find yourself marooned on the island of Gallows End. And then thrown into the most drab and uninteresting dungeon to feature in a videogame since Dragon Age II's optional missions.

But once you've pushed through the appalling start, The Legend Of Dead Kel opens up and reveals its true colours."

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