Will the new 'Ultimate' Xbox 360 eclipse Sony's PS3?

Not content with the Core, Premium, and Elite models, Microsoft is apparently preparing the autumnal introduction of its Ultimate edition, a 320GB behemoth that comes equipped with 1080p HDMI, onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, HD audio output, cool-running 65nm hardware, and an almost imperceptible ventilation fan.

Furthermore, it will also be able to take advantage of the Xbox IPTV service, which is expected to be in full flow well before the end of the year. And, if you're presently wondering whether the Ultimate will offer enough oomph to crush the PlayStation 3 beneath Microsoft's stomping corporate boots, then you should also factor in that the new console will come armed with a built-in HD-DVD player too.

Presently, there is no price accompanying this particular rumour. That being said, however, if Microsoft intends to use the Ultimate to pull prospective consumers away from the Blu-ray-equipped PS3, then it needs to release it close to the current price tagged onto Sony's top-tier 80GB model – $599 USD.

Presently, the top-tier Xbox 360 Elite, which offers 120GB of storage and an HMDI port, but is without a HD-DVD player, retails for $479 USD, which leaves Microsoft with a margin of $120 USD to play with when it prices the Ultimate if it wants to undercut the 80GB PS3.

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lynx1halo4032d ago

Thats no longer has the "Falcon chip" comes with the "EAGLE CHIP".....and "CANARY Motherboard"

marinelife94032d ago

That sounds amazing! And all of it built in. MS really knows a lot about giving consumers choice. I wish my PS3 had all those features.

ps3playbeyon4032d ago

This must be MS worst idea ever...seriously think about the price...And marine I hope ur bein sarcastic cuz that stuff is

SWORDF1SH4032d ago

those features are bog standard on ps3, and as been since 2006. except the massive hard that is. but you could probably but a massive hard drive (either internal or external) and it will probably srill be cheaper. plus the ps3 as the winning format that is blu ray. so its better in that respect too.

n_n4031d ago

history will repeat itself, as they say... i just feel sorry for the loyal xbots... (actually i don't really) when MS drops them like yesterdays sh*t like they did with Xbox 1. MS is smart to prey on stupid people.

Mr Marbles4031d ago

This aint so bad, when 360 first came out i was unsure about it. I would never have paid more than 400 for it. But now, they can add all the features to it that the PS3 has and more, all for (buy the time it comes out) less than 500 bux, im thinking it will be around 479 in price buy the time it makes it to market. This was actually the smarter route for both MS and its customers. I would pick one up and sell or give my old system to a pal. This will be a great deal, and the console has proven itself, something the PS3 has yet to do.

Lord_Mike4031d ago

Interesting, it took Microsoft 3 years to create something Sony already has.

gaffyh4031d ago

isn't the PS3 80GB $499, so the ultimate only has $20 to fill the gap. MS is really stupid if they release a new 360, they are basically saying that it's competitor, Sony, was correct in everything they did.

They'll probably release a 360 Business edition as well lol

Amsterdaam4031d ago

Wow, the PS3 fanbois really get defensive at this news...

CloudFFVII4030d ago

The ps3 already has everything thats going to be on the ultimate, except you get a bigger HD. Just go out and buy a 500GB external HD for your ps3 like I did and pwn the ultimate in every way possible.

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THC CELL4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

like this wont cost more than the ps3 ?

btw PS3 is FUTURE PROOF so ur ??? is NO

If anyone who has a disagree Can u be a man and tell me why and please dont bring the PC into it
we are talking about games consoles here

mboojigga4032d ago

Since I am not the one that disagreed with you(I don't use the disagree/agree features)
Your comment about FUTURE PROOF is idiotic when you have Blu-Ray that is (I don't care for bragging rights about %2 sales compared to DVD)
not guranteed to succeed DVD.

Second Bloothtooth. Still waiting on other components to use Blue Tooth when other components use IR for a universal remote. You talk about guranteed when their isn't any.

TANOD4032d ago


BD /HD DVD has around 5% of total marketshare for 2007

DVD also had that same amount of shares after 1 year of its release

However BD---DVD replacements would be taking place in a matter of another year/2

It doesnt happen overnight

bee24274032d ago

Whether or not blu-ray succeeds dvds, which i think it will but either way, it is right now a better format than dvd right now especially once developers max its potential... and blu-ray will definitely atleast last for the lifespan of the ps3... so i'd say its future proof
(i didnt give you a disagree)

Raptors4032d ago

Actually i stuck my hand around my tv and it gives off quite a bit of heat. The irony that its a Sony 42" LCD lol Im now watching a third movie and the fan has yet to kick on its highest setting so Im hoping it will be a past issue. Thanks for the help tho.

Thanks to the person who disagreed with myself and rofldings. I asked for help, he tried to help and someone disagrees. The immaturity and stupidity of some ppl on this site is mind blowing.

marcdz14032d ago

This company used everyone as freaking lab rats including me. They are using the money the got from the many other versions including one without a HDD to now start selling what was supposed to be standard from the beginning. Only fanboys are going to buy into this whole new SKU. Buy a console and replace it just like a computer a few month later. This is crazy SHIAAAT!

The Killer4032d ago

just look how much windows xp cost now! more than $100 after around 5 years of making it!! now all wat they do is compy the software to a CD which cost $5, and they sell it for $100! ok i understand it if it was in the beginning because they need to cover the cost back but come on not even after 5 years!!!!

and with 360 they r doing similar things they keep changing SKU's and changing the entire hardware forcing xbots to buy their new SKU's in order they keep up with ps3! while ps3 it came all standard in the first place!! i dont know who in the world would love a company like that! they even charge u for using the games online!! money suckers and those who loves them are money waister's!

Khaqan4032d ago

The 80GB PS3 is $499 USD!!! NOT $599!!!

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resistance1004032d ago

I will pick one up, if it runs quieter, i refuse to buy the HD-DVD add on for my 360, as my 360 is too noisy and i dont want to watch films with that background noise.

chester4032d ago

i'll buy one as well. i don't notice the fan noise, but i don't have the desire to have the add-on HD-DVD. if it's built in then i'll buy it along with the bourne trilogy first day, but only if it's $499 or under. if they try to go more then that they can screw themselves.

WilliamRLBaker4032d ago

you must have your sound set to like

Any thing on my surround sound system above 20db and i cant hear the 360 at all.....oh and guess what....the ps3 is louder;)

socsca4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I'm sorry RLBaker, that is simply not true. I try to stay neutral and as such I've found myself defending the 360 more than the ps3 (because there are more sony fanboys here than "xbots", not because its better), but this is one thing that is not defendable. The 360 is very loud, muuuch more so than the ps3, and despite having a surround sound system a movie does have its seconds of silence, during which you WILL hear the dvddrive spinning.

EDIT: In light of a comment made below by Nirwanda I feel I need to clarify, my comment regards the original dvddrive, not the hd-dvd player which I honestly have NO IDEA how much or how little sounds. I dont use the 360 for watching movies HD-movies, I use XX3 (duuuh) for that.

unlimited4032d ago

Its crazy how can you xbots live with yourself?? First off you guys were on Sony back for over pricing the PS3 and telling people you dont need all these features because its usless..Why arent you guys attacking MIcrosoft for letting you guys buy a crappy launch mind as well just stick with the PS3 since it have more games this year.

You guys get screwed over by MIcrosoft so many times and dont even know you guys waited you will get a better deal now your stick with the 360 that will die on you someday..

nirwanda4032d ago

yes the 360 is much louder than the ps3 and yes it is mainly the dvd drive the newer models are better though, but how can you say the noise of the DVD drive will get in the way of watching movies from a HD-DVD when the drive isn't even moving.
even if you use the dvd drive and not an external HD-DVD drive or HDD or marketplace download the drive does spin alot quieter for movies as it doen't need to spin anywhere near as quick

I agree it still louder than a PS3 but not as bad as people make out for films, games yes, films less so.

sak5004032d ago

Wth r u talking about? u watch silent movies? Anyway, the F16 noise is of the dvdrom drive in it. If you're using hddvd player to play the movie then there wont be the F1 sound youre talking about.

Raptors4032d ago

Im actually glad this topic came up because I've been googling alot about this lately. My ps3 which i got on dec 26th has been fairly quiet during operation. However, when i started watching movies the fan kicks on at full blast and is very loud and noticeable. This has been happening up until today where I've watched two movies: Blood Diamond (blu ray) and the Matrix (DVD) and the fan came on but at a much lower setting. This might sound stupid but is there some sort of "break in" period or "settling in" period for the ps3? Ive never ever worried about the quality of the system but I have used it now to replace my sony upconverting dvd player. If the fan noise happens to be a consistent problem then I will have to eventually go back to my original dvd player. Anyone else go through this problem with their ps3?

rofldings4032d ago

The fan usually gets louder as it spins faster if it goes past a certain temperature.

Are you blocking any vents or anything? Is it sucking up hot air from other electronic equipment? etc.

Lcarrero54031d ago

you rather buy a whole new system then just getting the add-on? It will cost you more. or maybe not I'm not sure. I'm glad i haven't bought mine yet. I would be pissed.

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blusoops4032d ago

He still thinks the PS3 80gb is $599, when it has been $499 for quite some time now, and the 40gb is $399...what a douchebag! So this new Xbox will need to be around the $500 mark to beat sony and even at that, the HD DVD drive won't be used for games, only movies!

TheTwelve4032d ago

People don't take the gaming industry as seriously as other ones because of flawed journalism like this. :( It's sad.


GIJeff4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

"80GB model – $599 USD" what planet is this on? and why doesnt this title say "Rumor: ..." like the other rumors? and why would a 320gb HDD kill the ps3? if MS still has consoles out there with no HDD? anyone can put a larger HDD in a ps3...does that make the ps3 the "PS3 Ultimate Super Mega"? since the ps3 comes equiped already with a Blu-Ray(winning format) installed that is capable of 100+GB? WTF is wrong with people?

EDIT: Oh yea, and the PS3 is much more capable as a gaming machine.

bourner4032d ago

why would you need a 320 gb hhd i dont get it its just gonna make it cost more .i think they should just make the next xbox now

Darkiewonder4032d ago

If a rumor can make someone write it off as being real. I wonder how it would have sounded if they took Non-rumored information. ;3