World of Warcraft expansion 5 confirmed: Blizzard 'geeked out' over concept

Blizzard has general framework for "multiple expansions ahead," COO confirms to CVG.

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C_Menz2404d ago

WoW2 will probably be a gigantic expansion and complete revamp of WoW more so than a completely new game. At least that is what I expecting.

Basjohn2404d ago

That was Cataclysm. I highly doubt there will be another major revamp before a sequel is born.

C_Menz2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I don't think you understand. I think most WoW players would agree(I dont even play WoW) that if WoW2 came out that it would be nice to carry over their past time spent on the game. WoW2 would import whatever items/stats they deem fit, completely re-do the current WoW world/expansions to fit into the new world/game created.

It wouldn't be a revamp, but a sequel that incorporates the prior game.

DeeBee2403d ago

I kind of agree that "WoW 2" would end up being akin to Cataclysm in that it'd be a major overhaul/patch/update of the entire game. How else can they do it considering the WORLD of World of Warcraft is already defined. Pretty much everything from races, landmasses, lore etc is set in stone.

No matter what they did with a "sequel" it wouldn't be able to deviate from what has already been done ... unless they went the route of a prequel, but that's probably even more restrictive. Or I suppose they could obliterate Azeroth and have a reboot of WoW with the refugees settling on a nearby planet LOL

Baka-akaB2404d ago

Wont happens till WoW drop below 7 millions

DeeBee2403d ago

This isn't really surprise news, Blizzard confirmed before Cataclysm that they expected to release another 3 or 4 more expansions after that [Cataclysm]. The fact that they are already working on the one after MoP, again is no real surprise since MoP is probably less than 6 months away from release so the majority of the core code is done, it's down to tweaking and bug catching now (hence the Beta).