Rumor – More Stages Coming to Street Fighter x Tekken as DLC?

We were recently sent some interesting images that were discovered on the Street Fighter x Tekken disc that may hint at future downloadable content for the title.

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bacrec13030d ago

If it's Capcom it's "For Sure"

FlareDReborn3029d ago

Of course more DLC is on the way. Lol Capcom.

Smashbro293029d ago

No, I mean the more stuff we get to this amazingly solid fighter the better.

spunkee3113029d ago

I haven't played a fighting game that added more stages. So this will be new and interesting. The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that SFxT didn't have enough stages. You would've thought they would've learned from the First Marvel vs Capcom 3 which I believe only had 8 and the first Street Fighter 4. Once they came out with Ultimate and Super Street Fighter they added a ton more.
The best fighting game when it comes to Arenas would definitely be MK. They have soo many. More so than I've seen in any fighting game.

IRetrouk3029d ago

they promised tekken controls for the tekken fighters, they lied, game is poo. so dissapointed

spunkee3113029d ago

That makes no sense. Resident Evil has nothing to do with a fighting game. lol. Are they both from the same in house developers? I don't think so.

IRetrouk3029d ago

What???? Read what I wrote again, they promised TEKKEN controls and didn't deliver, nobody mentioned resi, oh wait did u think I wrote tank???

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