Devs "think casual players are dumb", but Darksiders 2 proves otherwise - Vigil

OXM: "Hand-holding" makes for safer games, but players "relish a challenge", argues lead designer.

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NewMonday3024d ago

i think the key should be "accessible challenge", meaning a game shouldn't need a player to be god gifted with nimble fingers and shouldn't require the patience of Job.

in the other hand it shouldn't be as simple as spamming buttons and not have engaging gameplay..

some games i recently played that hit the perfect point between accessibility and engaging gameplay:

Rayman Origins
Batman AC

dark-hollow3024d ago

Batman AC??
It was a great game, I can't deny it, but there was too much hand holding I felt like rocksteady thought we are bunch of idiots who can't figure simple patterns like a normal human beings.

NewMonday3024d ago

the main game is easy, but the riddler side missions require work, from puzzle solving to inch perfect gliding. it has something for everybody. their are also the challenge missions.

for Rayman it is the same, it is easy to get thru a level, but you need to play better to get more critters in the meter, and you have to be even better to fill the meter all the way up.

Styxoric3024d ago

I'm loving Vigil Games more and more.

Tapioca Cold3024d ago

Casual players are dumb. And the whole fact that people started to recognize 'casuals' as important stands as a threat to gaming. Now we have to judge everything according to "the casuals".

A: "Oh, that game/press conference sucks"

B: "It's okay. It's for the casuals"

Pachter and all his gaming website minions are always going on about how xbox is great for reaching out to the casuals.

But who cares about console sales. the wii beat everyone and it sucks!!!!!

The more we recognize 'the casual audience' the lamer gaming will get.

Regent_of_the_Mask3024d ago

In other words...Darksiders 2 will be casualized.

Derpy3023d ago

I'm under the impression that most developers think gamers are idiots regardless of whether they're core or casual.

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