Burnout Paradise Review: 9/10 + Fallout 3, MGS4 & FFXIII info (OPM UK Scans)

Burnout Paradise review scans and more from OPM UK thanks to GameTrailers forum member Bobinator2000.

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MK_Red4034d ago

Great score. It also got perfect 5/5 from GamePro magazine. Hopefully others give BP great scores that it deserves.

TANOD4034d ago

hats off to you champ

MK_Red4034d ago

Great issue of OPM. 4 super great GOTY worthy games (MGS4, FFXIII, Burnout Paradise and Fallout 3) in one place.
Credit goes to OPM for the info and Bobinator2000 for the scans.

Shankle4034d ago

I love OPM. I've been reading it since early in the OP2M days. I always agree with the reviews they give and they reward games that are fun to play more than games that are impressive.

Douchebaggery4034d ago

I liked the demo but it would be weird having a open world and have it always being the same hour of the day.

mintaro4034d ago

wow, impressive score. cant wait to pick this one up myself

Shankle4034d ago

I think 9/10 is the right score for it. It's not perfect, and lacks a great deal of variation or memorable set pieces which might be expected in a 10/10 game, but it's an absolute blast to play and very well designed. Definitely pick it up!

MK_Red4034d ago

While I agree that it's not perfect, I disagree at lack of variation and memorable set pieces. Check the review. The game has incredible depth and variation along with lots of super cool spots. It's also super awesome online and a real blast :)
Can't wait.

Shankle4034d ago

I read the review a week ago :P
What i mean is that when you have a sandbox environment but all you can do is drive, no matter how well designed the roads are, it's never going to have the same sense of freedom as, say, GTA.
And by set pieces I really mean the kind that are scripted. While they're completely at odds to the spirit of this game, huge and imaginative set pieces can be absolutely incredible and game-defining. In burnout you're going to make your own, I know, but they'll never be as good. That's why this game just isn't a 10, even if it was the greatest racer ever created.

MK_Red4034d ago

Uh, I see your points. Still, Burnout is racing perfection to me so it will end up a 10/10 in my book :) (Burnout junkie here ;) )

NEO_X4034d ago

seeing as how i haven't played the full game, but I am really really sad that the crash mode is gone seeing as hows thats all i ever played.
but the demo was pretty awesome at least for a couple of hours hopefully the full game blows my mind

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eagle214034d ago

Keeping my eye on this game!

MK_Red4034d ago

Thanks :)
2008 is indeed kicking off superb.

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