Best Selling Amazon Video Game Deals for 3/23

"Amazon has been pushing some nice discounts on some of their over-stocked items and hidden video game "gems"...

Highlights from the Amazon bestselling video game deals pile for March 23, 2012 include:"

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Ilovetheps42398d ago

I'm glad this was placed on here the day after the sale.

honkyjesus2398d ago

The deals are still there, it seems. The HDMI cable is actually cheaper, but an HDMI cable is an HDMI cable and those are always cheap on Amazon.

Ilovetheps42398d ago

I bought an HDMI cord for a dollar 3 years ago on Amazon. In my opinion, a digital signal is a digital signal and I'd rather not spend 100 dollars on an HDMI. Been happy with it so far.

2398d ago
CanadianTurtle2398d ago

For those who have yet to try out borderlands, please do so. For $15.99, thats a very good deal for a game that is so jam-packed.

Shadows of the Damned is also low on price, its going for 27 bucks. I think its definitely worth the buy.

Bad Company 2 and EarthDefenceForce are going for 15 bucks.

Those are all the ones I see that grab my attention