Apple Set to Ship Macs with Blu-ray

In a report issued to clients early Thursday morning, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu cited sources who say the Cupertino-based Mac maker, which already occupies a seat on the Blu-ray consortium, is set to begin shipping some of its computers with support for the next-generation DVD format.

"We believe this is a key announcement as current Macs ship with the DVD format and Sony gains a strong ally in Blu-ray," the analyst told clients. He added that Disney, for which Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is a Director, is a firm supporter of Blu-ray, while rival Microsoft Corp. has placed most of its eggs in the HD-DVD basket.

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PStriple7034035d ago

Thats big...Blu ray FTW..opps it already won

TANOD4035d ago

I am anticipating a PS4 in 2011/2012 with preinstalled MAC OS

However this is a great move by Apple to embrace the winning format

Blademask4035d ago

Are you kidding me? This is overkill. Bluray already won, now t his? Its like dropping 3 nukes on the HD-DVD camp.

lynx1halo4035d ago

And HD-DVD is down for the COUNT!!!!!!!!!!

sonarus4035d ago

i dnt think apple joining blu ray camp is that big a deal but apple is a very big supporter so it helps to show blu rays dominance. What i'd like to see is more apple support on my ps3 i'm still waiting for support so i can play music off my ipod without having to "display all" and i'm still waiting for some sort of music player on the ps3. Shouldnt be that hard to implement. Helps to keep music files arranged and all

Adamalicious4035d ago

Apple has been in the Blu Ray camp for long time - they were one of the first companies to take a side in this "format war".

Fisher3394035d ago

I find it somewhat significant.

If blu-ray is to be the next storage format it has to be dominate in all three major catergories, movies, pc storage, and games.

MrSwede4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Great, it wound up in PS3 channel after all. You would think 3 reports on that issue was clear enough.

Edit: I see it's been moved now.

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The story is too old to be commented.