Review:- Silent Hill HD Collection []

The latest titles to be pulled from the archives and polished up with a new coat of paint are Konami’s Silent Hill 2 and 3 in the form of the Silent Hill HD Collection. These are your textbook example of the old school survival horror title...

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Raxous2494d ago

Great review Luke, shame they couldn't do anything with the cinematics... you'd think they might have a copy of the originals in their raw state that they could remaster, but maybe they were just created directly for the resolution of the time... pity, because, as you say, it seems like they have done a great job otherwise with refreshing the visuals etc... still, great games, and a great opportunity for newer gamers to find out what all the "Silent Hill" fuss is about!

mightyles2494d ago

I've read a lot of feedback online about bugs and issues with the game, but I've got to say that I have only experienced one tiny issue without sound effects sometimes getting out of synch. It's hardly "broken" as so many internet commentators have been quick to label it.