History of Nvidia dual-GPU cards

These high-end graphics cards pushed the boundaries of engineering, performance, and your wallet

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ProjectVulcan2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Gigabyte 3D1.

This was dual 6600GT.

ASUS Extreme Dual N7800GT.

Both companies flirted with dual GPU boards, several never really made market. These two did though, custom designs from these companies (not Nvidia) and they both saw retail long before the 7900GX2.

Tenkay232426d ago

I am still using my gTX 295 that I got December 2009. It runs today's games at 1080p, 8xAA, 4xAF and 50-60fps. The only thing it lacks is directx 11.

I run all unreal engine games (Mass Effects, Batman), SC2, and SWTOR at max settings, 1080p, 16xAA and 16xAF at 60fps or more. It's a wonderful card that still plays games at max settings today (battlefield 3 is the exception, and crysis is only 30-40fps at max settings).

Still, I love my video card and have no plans on replacing it for at least a couple of years.

ATi_Elite2425d ago

The GTX 295 is one BEAST of a card!

If Video Cards had a Hall of Fame the GTX295 would be in it!

Tenkay232425d ago

Agreed! Sadly it wasn't very popular with people and being released just before directx 11 caused a lot of gamers to skip it and wait for the gtx 400 series off radeon 5000 series.

In my opinion though,not many games use dx11 and even more I'm not interested in (Batman AC is the exception)