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HonestGamers: "If you, as I did, have any faint hopes that the game ever finds a strong identity of its own, you’ll be disappointed. This is a dismally unimaginative co-op shooter, coupled with a half-finished idea for an intriguing competitive component. Play it in either mode and you’ll be bored or irritated within minutes."

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A-Glorious-Dawn3024d ago

Well you've got to give the poor game some credit.
because it's so generic and consistently average that
it's almost impressive....

GrumpyVeteran3024d ago

Impressively consistently average?

NarooN3024d ago

Anyone who bashes the multiplayer must've sucked at it. I dunno how running around trying to pick up g-virus containers while simultaneously dodging players, hunters, lickers, and tyrants all at once as well as hordes of zombies everywhere is a bad game.

Kostchtchie3024d ago

exactly, just another garbage website that cannot accept that this is just a re spin off, and everyone that has picked it up and played it is enjoying it, its fun ,it's a laugh, but no we are not allowed games like that are we, has it got bugs that need fixed yes, could it use more content yes, what game does not, 3/10 just goes to show how many morons review sites can not give HONEST OPINION any more its all about making the hits, or following the bash trend

BI0RAPTOR3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Just got the game this morning so until I play it for myself I will hold judgment.

Although I will say this while reviews are helpful to a borderline of thin just remember everyones opinion differs so what is good or bad may not be necessarily the same for the next gamer.

BXbomber3024d ago

i got the game and honestly i haven't played the story yet but the online, what the hell are these reviews on about i haven't had this much fun in an online game for a while. i luv the online portion of this game its addictive even tho there are bugs here and there w/e. i'ma dive into the single player in a bit.

MasterD9193024d ago

Did nobody see the gameplay trailers or tons of videos they put out prior to release showing off the game in action? It just seems like everyone waited until this game was released so they could vent steam on how it wasn't RE....It's a spin-off people.

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