Spong Interviews Army of Two's Lead Designer - Chris Ferriera

Svend Joscelyne writes, "A game that not only promotes the idea of co-operative play, but practically lives and dies by this mantra? Army of Two could well be the first game to implement this in a game that is looking more impressive as time goes on."

"As you've no doubt gathered already, when EA invited SPOnG to speak to the lead designer, Chris Ferriera, about his brainchild, we went along. One thing's for certain, Chris is passionate about the game."

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lynx1halo4036d ago

that this game is going to be a great big load of garbage......and at the most a rental if im feeling generous

DrPirate4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Sigh...If you guys only knew what goes on behind the scenes with this game.

In the time that I played it, there was so much swearing, and the game was so racist. You're killing Somalis, Asians, and Arabs, all with stereotypical lines, and stereotypical behaviours (Somalians jump out of cover and fire blindly at the sky screaming like savages, the arabs have suicide bombers who yell "ALLAH!!".

And there's so much needless swearing in the dialog, it all feels really shallow. A quip: I'm the Effing bomb eff, yo man, lets effing kill these effing n*ggers, i'm effing down for that effing assh*le, sh*t yeah!" It's intolerable for me and is aggravating to listen to.

The lighting in the game is also busted and technically, the gameplay falls short. I thought the cover system was like Gear or Uncharted. Nope, all you can do is slide and take cover behind crates, nothing else.

Really disappointing, I urge you all not to pick this game up.

If you have any questions, about the Story? Gameplay? Etc, don't be shy to ask.