Kid Icarus Uprising CVG review: Daring reinvention is 3DS's most exciting game yet

This is no wax-winged folly, but a daring reinvention of a hero too long on the subs bench. Look past the controls for the biggest, prettiest and downright silliest 3DS game to date.

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Canary2400d ago

"Front-loading a review with misery is kind of a bummer."

They sure started out making the game sound absolutely awful.

Going by the final score, I'm guessing that they eventually found other elements to make up for it. The gameplay? I honestly can't say for certain: the article is a mostly incoherent mess. There's quite a bit of text there, but it doesn't actually say much of substance.

I'd thought this site was one of the older, more 'respectable' ones out there. Perhaps I should reevaluate that opinion.