Tales of Mass Effect 3 (Invision Game Community)

People screaming about an ending of a game is nothing new in the history of humanity. As long as there have been stories told by one person to another regardless of the format in which it’s been delivered, there have been people who didn’t like the way things turned out.

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SkolarVisari2397d ago

How stupid, different endings get chosen for books and movies all the time. You know why? Because sometimes the creators get it wrong. Mass Effect 3 got this whole thing utterly wrong. The logic behind the Reaper invasion is directly contradicted by the events of the game depending on what you do and even if it was not the case, the logic used in the end is essentially an argument for killing everything that exists rather than do what the Reapers do. The game basically insults the intelligence of the players. Oh and please don't go on about how dramatically changing canon destroys art. Comic Books have entire plot lines retconned or altered because of fan distaste.

Sherlock Holmes was brought back from the dead after fan outcry. But according to you fans wanting more Sherlock Holmes after the one in which he died is censorship. Bioware already fixed one of the Mass Effect novels because of various lore errors in it, in part because fans noticed.