Three Exclusive Rock Band Tracks - Only in OXM

OXM love Rock Band. You love Rock Band. So they're giving you a heartfelt post-holiday gift with the February 2008 issue of Official Xbox Magazine - 3 completely exclusive songs for the game!

Serious? You'd better believe it. The disc bundled with OXM's February 2008 issue contains 3 songs that you'll find only on this disc:

- Freezepop - "Sprøde"
- Bang Camaro - "Rock Rebellion"
- Count Zero - "Shake"

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niall774037d ago

none of the tracks are actually good

DanAmrich4037d ago

What didn't you like about them? How do they sound?

theBishop4037d ago

Ring the bell folks, Bang Camaro just ended the Great System War.