Review: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (darkzero)

"2012 started off so bright for the Resident Evil franchise. In February, gamers were treated to the great Resident Evil: Revelations, a game that managed to bring tension and atmosphere back to the series, something that I felt was lost in Resident Evil 5. Then you had the exceptional trailer for Resident Evil 6. It’s causing some hype in the gaming community at the moment, gaining record preorders for the series. Right now the second Resident Evil game of the year has arrived. This one is a little different because the Japanese aren’t the developers of this title. As an alternative, Capcom is letting the Canadian Studio, Slant Six Games, merge its Socom experience with the Resident Evil I.P to bring cooperative gameplay once again to the series. Operation Raccoon City is a pure action third-person shooter with basic cover mechanics that’s regrettably not as good as I would have hoped for."

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Agent_hitman3036d ago

Why is it that this game gets so many negative reviews?. I love RE, but I don't see anything wrong in this game.

BI0RAPTOR3035d ago

The game as just arrived on my door step so until I play it I will hold judgment.

But while reviews are to a point borderline helpful people should not take them as concrete.
Everyone as different taste,what is good or bad for one gamer may not necessarily be the same for the other.

I look forward to seeing what all this hype is about.
Getting the smell of a new game....arrr pure bliss

MasterD9193035d ago

I'd be interested in hearing what you think about the game as someone who is walking into it with an open-mind.

I've been sitting on an un-opened copy all week because of these ridiculous reviews and the lack of time I've had. I'll probably open mine tonight as well. Funny thing is...I actually think it looks interesting.

BI0RAPTOR3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I have been really up set to read all this negative input on the game.
Like you MasterD919 I think it looks and is interesting.
I have not had much time on it this afternoon so I can not go to deep into the game although what I have played looks OK,Its not the best polished game but its by no means bad.
I have played about 20 min`s worth on my own and were people say the AI are not helpful I do not understand.
My Ai come over to heal me and they shoot at the targets what more can I ask for.

I will give it more time tonight but I like it.
Also a negative I have read about the cover system,I can not see nothing wrong with it I find it easy to use and it does what you expect it to do take cover,you can even shoot blind behind cover.
I hope you find time to unwrap your copy mate and give it ago,its is not that bad.
But this is only my opinion.

I know you are like me and not expecting to play a Resi game at core because if you are then you will be negative to wards it.

MasterD9193035d ago

Much appreciated my friend. I actually have a Special Edition copy and might give the Nemesis mode a go later too. I've been excited to try it but nervous at the same time due to the level of hate.

I've never purchased a game, sat on it an entire week and watched review after review trash it before...Yet I do happen to know that I enjoy some games other people don't. Just goes to show your own opinion is what truly matters the most.

I've always had a thing for RE. I imagine at this point due to the amount of criticism I'll probably be blown away by this game. To walk into it with nothing but low expectations...I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised.

BI0RAPTOR3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Your welcome friend and I hope you enjoy it.

[quote]I've always had a thing for RE. I imagine at this point due to the amount of criticism I'll probably be blown away by this game. To walk into it with nothing but low expectations...I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised.[/quote]

My thoughts exactly....

MetalShadows3035d ago

Disappointed by the general response to this game. I was likely to buy it but due to limited budgets and bad feedback, I think I'll be saving my money for something else.

nrvalleytime3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

It's not that the game is necessarily bad, but that it's been reviewing as just decent. I'm with you Metal - waiting until I have the time and money to purchase it now.