Ninja Gaiden 3 free DLC dated for NA/EU

It has been officially announced that there is planned dlc for the game. The first of which will be free and includes four pieces of dlc, two weapons and two multiplayer stages.

According to the author of the article: "The release of the Falcon’s Talons weapon will be coming April 3rd alongside the Submarine stage. The Eclipse Scythe will slice its way into the game on April 17th with the Desert Stage."

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hulk_bash19872399d ago

Im about 1-2 hrs in and I will be waiting for these weapons to come out until i start playing again. This game needs the added variety to keep me going till the end.

specialguest2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Strip those weapons away that were originally on NG2, and make them DLC. Fearing the backlash of DLC controversy, they quietly ditch plan A and went with plan B which is to make those FREE. As a result of making it free, they hope to come off as the "good guys" rewarding their loyal fans.

Ho ho ho ohhh Tecmo... who are you trying to fool?

Then again, I'm probably just making this all up.

DevilishSix2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

That is exactly what I thought when I heard about the dlc. They stripped weapons and maps out in hopes of pulling a fast one and charging for them until they saw that the public thinks their game stinks. Now they can't charge for them. I know this because the animations and effects for these maps and weapons would have had to been complete to offer dlc so close to launch.

Nice try Tecmo don't be like Capcom.

no_more_heroes2399d ago

I've only ever used the Dragon Sword, the dual swords, the staff and the talons (when they came in). Never really cared for the rest.

Regent_of_the_Mask2399d ago

I've only used the dragon sword in other games so I don't really care for the DLC. I never liked the other weapons.