R-Rated Movies That Spawned Kiddie Games

Games Radar writes, "To get into an R-rated movie, you have to be at least 17 years old or accompanied by an adult. We know a few ways around this rule, but we choose to shelter the children we know from intense violence, gore and sexuality and will not mention them in this article. There are occasional R-rated movies that end up becoming games, and out of those, there are some that are actually designed for kids. We don't care if kids play those. We're ironic that way."

"That these games exist means that someone saw each of these adult-themed films and thought to turn them into videogames. Good thinking - that is, until they thought to market them to kids. To celebrate this misguided trend, we've dredged up some of the weirder examples of adult movies that got turned into kid games. Decide for yourself if they were on target or not."

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MK_Red4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Recent AVP game is a great example. A T rated PSP game based on the R rated AVP-R.

In reverse (M games spawning kiddie films), I think the worst case is Mortal Kombat movie. A childish PG-13 rated film based on one of the goriest and most violent games of all time. MK2 film was even worse. Felt like a bad episode of an unknown anime.