Rockstar Games shows you don’t have to be scum to be a big publisher

Why Rockstar Games deserves huge respect from the gaming community.

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Majin-vegeta2497d ago

I love R* cuz they know how to do their DLC and it's priced fairly.

Derekvinyard132497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

great read. but i don't know what the author meant when he said "Bottom line is Rockstar Games may not be perfect Max Payne movie anyone?" does he know that they had no participation in that?

lastdual2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Yeah, while I appreciate the author's point, he makes a couple factual errors, not the least of which being that Rockstar is primarily a *developer*, not a publisher. Their games are published by Take-Two.

Gaming1012496d ago

lol Yeah Rockstar doesn't actually publish anything, the publisher's do all the financing, and it's always the publisher's idea whether to do DLC, price the DLC, decide on DLC release dates, they're the ones who handle the money. The developer's job is to code and design games, not to do money management and strategy with marketing etc.

Deeloc2497d ago

R* is a gamer.they always put a poster in all their games that comes out.they are the company that made me stop playing mario games.i love ROCKSTAR GAMES

Shaman2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Great article. R* games put AAA games like on track and they don't milk franchises or gamers either. Also, they have best DLC this gen. I mean, Episodes from LC and RDR Undead Nightmare could easily pass as full fledged games rather than DLC.

wallis2497d ago

Yeah in fairness they are really good devs. I think other companies like bethesda and valve are good examples too.

TooTall192496d ago

I think those two are well respected, but not on the same level as Rockstar. I haven't been upset with Rockstar, and they seem more willing to take on risk.

Tony P2497d ago

R* still has a pretty good rep among gamers. As former giants of goodwill like (for example) BioWare and Blizzard continue to face decline, I feel like R* still has a good bit of it left for not pulling half the dick moves the former two have.

F7U122497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

uhh.. so the problems with Rockstar and Team Bondie have already been forgotten?

or how about
"extensively long hours (14-16 hour days for six days a week, another source says), suffering of family, benefit cuts, disrespect from upper management and stress to point of causing depression among many employees -- one, suicidal thoughts.She insists these are beyond the usual "crunch time" conditions which are understandable, illustrating it's more like crunch time all the time, with no real light or normal periods. The letter concludes with a note that legal action will be taken if necessary."

yeah f**k Rockstar.

Topshelfcheese2496d ago

I have a friend who worked for R* in the NYC office and he doesn't have the same respect for them after working there, that he did while we were in school. They treat there employees poorly is all I heard from him.

SilentNegotiator2496d ago

How neglectful could they be to let Team Bondi work that way for all those years and not take any action?

scotchmouth2496d ago

You are an idiot. Team Bondi =/= R

F7U122496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

oh no did I spell something wrong...oh sweet jesus no! give a f**k but thanks for the spellcheck poindexter. lulz

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PshycoNinja2497d ago

How about when they laid off most of the red dead team when they finished the game. And all those allegations that teams are overworked way too much an way too often.

But other than that R* is perfect /s

StraightPath2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Rockstar is just an amazing developer. I dont think any first part developers from sony or microsoft can match this multiplatform developer.

SheenuTheLegend2496d ago

capcom chairman or peon disagreed with you

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Rainstorm812497d ago

Rockstar strives for quality which is always respected in my eyes, some people have gripes with their games but there is no question about the amount of effort that goes into them.

Cant wait for GTA5 and Max Payne 3

Summons752497d ago

So I guess GTA dose not exist because that game is one of the scummiest.

SageHonor2496d ago

lol you got 39 disagrees.

Summons752496d ago

lol yeah this site makes me laugh at the level of fanboyism

Mythicninja2497d ago

Rockstar makes decent games, and they do deserve respect, I have to bitch though, where is red dead redemption for PC guys? I want to travel through the west and blast zombies on horseback! Am I going to have to wait until someone designs a decent xbox 360 emulator? (probably never will happen)

Highlife2497d ago

No if you really want to play the game go and buy it.

_Aarix_2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Buy a damn console if you want it so bad. A regular xbox emulatr barely works.

Mythicninja2497d ago

What a moronic statement. I should spend $200 on that piece of equipment just to play 1 game? No thanks. Back to the cave, troll

Rainstorm812497d ago

Moronic statement? i dont think so, if you wantr a game you will need the hardware to play it....Its YOUR choice to only play one game on it, as both consoles have many many games worth playing that are not available on PC

debian_zac2496d ago


Its less about hardware and more about OS. my media center has better hardware than my xbox360 does. I'm sorry but Red dead should be released on pc, I don't see why it shouldn't be since PC's have better hardware than any console released to date. Also it costs what 100 for a hdd upgrade on a xbox360 when they are the low end Hitachi drives.

Rainstorm812497d ago

There are PC games I want like SWTOR or Starcraft 2 but if i really want to play them then ill just buy a gaming PC.

Its your choice not to buy a console, but no one is obligated to bring any game to your platform of choice.

Highlife2497d ago

Then it's your loss cry baby. If there were games on the PC that I really wanted to play I would buy myself a video card and the game and play it. There are games on the 360 that I would like to get but for me I can't afford 2 systems so that is my loss. I am not going to sit here and bitch and think I am entitled to that game on my system.

Mythicninja2496d ago

I can always tell a jackass when I hear the word entitled these days. I didn't say I was entitled, I am stating how I wish for a port. If I do not at least voice my opinion how am I to hope for change? So I'll campaign for my cause, and unless you are specifically opposed to the PC platform ever getting the game (i.e. PC hating fanboy) , GTFO --->

2496d ago
scotchmouth2496d ago

Well put highlife.

There are games on the PC that I think would be fun to play with Mods and all that but it's really not currently in my budget.

Console wise I wanted both so I saved money and got both.

If you want something save for it. Whining really accomplishes nothing

cyguration2496d ago

I'm with you.

Buying a console for a single game isn't really worth it. I like the PS3's setup better but it lacks Halo/Gears/Forza and I'd be an idiot to have to buy a bunch of systems for a few games.

The other problem is, as mentioned below, all the freaking HDD upgrades for the 360. Basically if you play casually it's no prob but it's a pain for core collectors.

This gen of gaming had some decent titles, but the DRM for the 360 (Xbox Live) and all the firmware updates for the PS3 (removing PS2 backward compatibility) just makes me glad I kept my previous gen consoles.

Still doesn't solve the Red Dead issue, though.

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mandeep18032497d ago

First time I ever played GTA: Vice City, I was blown away. Most people have some amazing childhood memories with games like Zelda or Mario, but as I started gaming at age 14, first game I ever fell in love with was GTA: VC. Rockstar is, in my books, makers of digital worlds, not games.


Well said man, well said..

scotchmouth2496d ago

I've been gaming since the early 80's. Somewhere in there I grew bored of what was out there. Until one day I went into a computer store and they had the demo for the first GTA. That blew me away. The choices that came with being able to jack any car in this open city.

I'll always remember accidently backing over a cop with an ambulance and wondering if I could drive the cop car and control the sirens. I remember laughing as I sped away in the cop car.

Some years later I remember telling a friend "Man that would be cool if they made GTA like driver so you could explore the city in 3d (as opposed to top down). When 3 was released I was again blown away.

Through the years I've played a lot of great games but I always keep my eye on this series because for me there is the most possibility.