MW3 Upcoming DLC Will Feature Sniper Friendly, Close Quarters and “Very Specific Styles of Maps”

MP1st - Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, recently talked about upcoming DLC plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 during a Google+ Hangout with Call of Duty fans.

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TrendyGamers2496d ago

Should be some interesting maps coming out soon.

ninjahunter2496d ago

I like how they try to include riot shields in their screenshots even though their completely useless thanks to lagg and regular multipliers on your feet and butt.

Oschino19072496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Really cause I do very well with them on the maps I like them for, I get good scores and tons of assist along with tags in KC mode. Get many end game awards using it and even set a personal high with 33 assist just from riot shield diverions in KC and also had highest confirms and denies.

It can be annoying when you get shot at your feet or knifed straight into your shield and still die but I have more good matches then bad matches.

ninjahunter2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Heres what happens to me,
1) some punk will walk up and knife me through my shield.
2)ile get shot through the shield because the lagg makes the game think im not turning fast enough
3)everyone and their grandma grenade/rocket/c4/claymore spams me, Blastshield doesnt help much.
4)Somehow, when im pointing right at them, crouching people will shoot me right through the shield.
5)try to smack someone with the shield, character aims straight at sky or ground thanks to aim assist.

Maby your host every game and get zero lagg, but shields are utterly useless when you still can get shot through them because the game doesnt handle it well. I consider myself a good player, can go 18 and 6 when i try, but the moment i throw on riot shield with sleight of hand, blast shield (or assassin) and some duelly magnums its game over for me.

FlashXIII2496d ago

"sniper friendly close quarters" right there sums up perfectly everything that is wrong with the COD series.

Razgriz3832496d ago

Unless they are bringing back all of the MW2 maps...I could careless about map packs in this game.