The Twenty (Other) Games to Look Forward to in 2008

Keith Stuart writes, "Okay, we all know what the big games of the year are going to be. Familiar names like Grand Theft Auto IV, Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Too Human, Mario Kart Wii and Burnout Paradise are cropping up on just about every 'hot for 2008' list feature out there."

"So here's a slightly different top twenty, with titles drawn from your suggestions for 'the most promising game of 2008' as well as my own wishlist. Just something to get us all thinking about the riches this genuinely exciting year has in store."

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AnthonyPerez4036d ago

While I've been pumped for Alan Wake since I heard about it, I haven't heard many details since its announcement. I can't wait to see what they actually do with this game.

Brutal Legend is a big one for me since I'm a giant Tim Schafer fan. Not only did he do Monkey Island like they mentioned, but he and Double Fine also did the amazing Psychonauts. One of the most overlooked titles of the last generation.

Blademask4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Can we make an agreement on N4G to no longer hype Alan Wake until there is at least a playable demo where we can see it running on a 360 or a PC...from at least 07. Everyone has this game hyped to high heaven and its based off of absolutely nothing. :)

You can hype a game based on the 'reputation' of a company.. but hell even Final Fantasy has released updates. I think Alan Wake devs are either trying to be prima donnas with this title.. or they really have nothing good to show.

I really want to see that the 360 still can be used as not only a game system, but have some serious beefy hardware behind it. There is still no answer to Uncharted. I think the further we get in 08, we are really going to see the 360 struggle to develop good looking first party titles. I always wondered why the 360 had nothing but multiplats.. but then I looked it up. Microsoft has screwed up all of its relationships with first party devs.. I think they have like 2 now? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hell.. Even Huxley started to show progress.. Although its a huge downgrade from what we saw from 06. Its still clearly being worked on.

mintaro4035d ago

if lego indiana jones is as good as the lego star wars franchise, then i am psyced

power of Green 4035d ago

I wan't to see more on Embrace Of Time, Project Offset.

My must have games based on reading and or seeing.

Alan Wake
Project Offset
Too Human
Fable 2
Killer Instinct(can't help but feel its already being worked on)

These games will be payed for as soon as they let me pay for them.

Douche4035d ago

There's a few that I've kept in mind even after they've fallen off the radar.

For PS3, I'm pumped for Killzone 2, InFamous, Getaway 3, Eight Days, Heavy Rain, FFXIII, Versus (if it's out in '08), God of War 3, MGS4 plus MGO, Coded Arms, Naruto PS3, Resistance 2, Wardevil, Haze, L.A. Noire, Socom (both projects), and a few others, I can't remember em all.

For the 360, I'm pretty psyched for Alan Wake (based off of the original tech demos), Gears 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Conviction, Warhound (possibly), and definately Fable 2. There's not many others that come to mind that I'm interested in though.

And as for multi-plats, I'll list them separately just for the sake of arguement. Project Offset , next-gen Mortal Kombat, Indian Jones, Star Wars, GTAIV, Brother's In Arms, DMC4 (maybe), Mercs 2, Harker (so pumped for this), Dead Space, Far Cry 2, and I'm sure there's plenty more that I just don't recall.

Omg, with that being around 30+ titles (those are just off the top of my head though), it's hard to believe that I'll possibly be spending close to a couple grand just on games this year. Well, if you factor in that some of those might be rentals instead, and that the games that I buy might be returned later if I don't feel the need to keep em, that might cut it down to about a grand or less in the end at least.

Thinking of it as about a $100 or so a month for games sounds a bit more reasonable though. Lol, that's what hardcore gaming's all about.

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