OXCGN’s Darksiders II extensive hands-on preview- This ain’t your ordinary Grim Reaper


"I copped quite an barrage of negativity from gamers back in 2009 for my play on the words with my Darksiders Hands-On article, stating that it was the real “God Of War”.

Some got it and some didn’t and that’s fine, it still generated interest in the title and people moved on.

Now we find ourselves in 2012 and THQ Australia have once again invited OXCGN to get their hands stained with blood in Darksiders II."

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gaminoz2400d ago

I'm still not sure if I'm interested in this universe, but it does sound good (except for the screen tearing...)

BadCircuit2399d ago

I think this game might get lost in the shuffle of the bigger games this year. It does look good though!

The Meerkat2399d ago

I don't think it will.
I can't think of anything this side of November that will even challenge Darksiders 2.

lastdual2399d ago

It's hitting right in the middle of the summer dry season, so there won't be much of a shuffle to get lost in.

Captain Qwark 92399d ago

if its like the first one but better then it will be my goty easy

Sokol2399d ago

Loved the first game, spent little over 21 hours before finishing the game, finding the complete set of armour and having tons of fun looking for secrets.

The first game had its issues but the artistic design and atmosphere were superb.

Everything I read so far about Darksiders 2 is improvement. Rpg tree element? Longer campaign, Diablo like loot system? Zelda puzzles? Platforming and excellent voice acting with improved gameplay?

I would say Darksiders 2 is a strong contender for GOTY.

Even if its not however, I more then welcome it. RPGs and Plaformers are my favorite genres anyway, D2 looks to deliver, can't wait.

Eske2397d ago

I've always been curious about the first game, but none of the gameplay videos that I've watched for it ever seemed to hive with the game's praise. I'm curious about this one all the same. Liking what I'm hearing thusfar.