Dark Souls is this Generation's Best 8-bit Game

How From's RPG revolutionized the genre by drawing on some very classic ideas.

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Kos-Mos2400d ago

Very good article. The game separates real gamers from people who play gta,gears,gow,cod,halo,me,kill zone,skyrim.

mascia2399d ago

I kind of agree with you, even though a couple of those games you mentioned are pretty good.

NYC_Gamer2398d ago

Real gamers?so now a person has to play/accept the type of software you enjoy to be called a real gamer.

kevnb2399d ago

it feels like a pc style action rpg from a decade ago more than 8 bit. ts also very well done, and a terrific game. Most console action games dont even bother making the combat make sense or have any depth, they just make it so easy that you win their broken game.

Hellsvacancy2399d ago

So what happened to that Dark Souls news we was supposed to get two days ago?

snakebite362399d ago

Apparently it's going to be in the next issue of some magazine. Don't know the name of the magazine though.

DA_SHREDDER2399d ago

I've always said, don't fix what isn't broken. I miss my old turn based rpg's too btw.

Relientk772399d ago

old turn based RPGs are easily my favorite

SpinalRemains1382399d ago

The fact that so many gamers have rage quit or hate the Souls games is direct proof at how soft and feeble the gaming generation has become.

So many gamers need their hands held and to be walked through every aspect of the game. It makes me sick. Games need the player to be 100% responsible for their actions in order for the experience to be truly rewarding. What fun is it to read a qeue and then press x? Souls games actually make you think and they are far from unfair. If you continue to die it's because you aren't accepting that you're doing it wrong. The definition of insanity.

- Truly marvelous games that are hard, but also the most immersive and rewarding.

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