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AusGamers writes: Honestly, I’m hard-pressed to pitch this as any sort of purchase to anyone. Even die-hard Resi fans (of which I am actually one), ought to steer clear. None of the game’s promises are met, and while you might have thought a Resi co-op experience was a dream come true, you’re better off waiting until someone internally pitches it at Capcom in Japan and it’s handled by the series’ parents, and not their snot-nosed, annoying neighbour’s kids (sorry Slant Six, but this effort is inexcusable). You should do what no one in any zombie-related media ever actually does when you see this game: run the other way, and don’t look back.

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ritsuka6662404d ago

"reviews" of scores below 7.0 dont deserve credits.There is no way this game deserve this score.

I pass in this trolls reviews SHM...