Was 2007 the Best Gaming Year in the New Milennium?

Gamer 2.0 has published a brand new feature taking an analytical look at which year since 2000 has been the best in videogames.

The feature looks at three phenomenal gaming years: 2001, 2005, and 2007. Each year features mega-hits, with games that either perfected the various formulas for successful game design or completely turned them on their head and redefined them.

Each year goes blow-for-blow in the battle of the big dogs. Which one has the bigger bite?

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AmpedMan4033d ago

2007 was the definition of "The Next Generation of Gaming" with so many awesome titles released, some great games even got lost in the fray!

Marceles4033d ago

2007 was both good and bad. ALOT of great games came out that I enjoyed, but I can say this was the worst year of media in gaming ever. Writers, journalists, and analysts have all lost their minds...

AlexQuevedo4033d ago

Yeah, there was a lot of bad stuff in 2007, but the great games thankfully overshadow that. I guess the media was a bit hectic, but that's not what the article is going for.