Hero Showdown: Dante vs. Kratos

Another year, another Showdown. The first Hero Showdown of 2008 kicks off by going to the mats with two titans of the gaming world, guys who have a history of pissing off and picking fights with gods and devils: Devil May Cry's Dante vs. God of War's Kratos.

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MK_Red4032d ago

What showdown? Kratos kills everything before the battle even begins. Seriously, how many people have killed a god, died, get resurrected, became a god, died again, became resurrected again, killed another god and have started war with rest of the gods?
Kratos IS the man.

Shankle4032d ago

Aha but that does mean he has died twice, whereas Dante is practically immortal. I think I've got to go with Dante because Kratos is dependent upon the Gods for a lot of his magical abilities. Dante on the other hand has his Devil trigger powers on his own. It would be a fecking awesome battle though. There is that guy who creates CGI fights between videogame characters like Samus vs Masterchief.... He needs to do this!

MK_Red4032d ago

Kratos may have been killed but the first time he escaped death and hell by himself while the second time he was betrayed be Zeus, god of gods.
He is a spartan and no one's more badass than a spartan (except a Ninja).

Rice4032d ago

ninja's......??? Kratos will redefine the term RAPE, when he kill's Dante.

Shankle4032d ago

You think ninjas are harder than spartans? You're missing a screw mate. Didn't you see 300? We saw spartans beat the crap out of ninjas right there ;)

Which are harder, spartans or the demons Dante beats the crap out on a regular basis?

It is worth mentioning of course that Kratos is smarter than Dante. That could definitely give him an edge.

MK_Red4032d ago

Sorry, huge Ninja fan here. The only Spartan I believe is better is Kratos. He is a god.

MADGameR4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Dante would re-define the word pwnage after killing Kratos in 8 seconds! WITHOUT going Devil Trigger!

IntelligentAj4032d ago

I'm sorry but anyone who can kill a god should hands down win any vs. contest.

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lynx1halo4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Kratos for the WIN ....... Dante is to "ANIME PRETTY" to take on Kratos

TheGamer4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Its a no show. Dante is not stupid to take on GOW. Kratos would chew him up even before Dante can realize the fight started.

And the name says it all.

God of War
Devil May (WILL) Cry!!!!!

DemiseofPandas4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

My Vote has to go for Dante, the original hardcore action star, for which Kratos may not have even existed, or at least not in the same way. BTW I know this is not the popular answer, so I'm expecting disagrees from people who can't handle opinions that aren't the same as theirs.
(If we are talking about a real fight who knows... I mean one kills gods while the other can survive going through swords and having Bikes explode on him.)

heyheyhey4032d ago

well considering thta kratos has an army of titans backing him up then well you know but if it was one vs one i would say dante cause he is quicker, has flashier moves and lets face it he has huge guns packed with him

Kratos_Kart20074032d ago

Kratos PWNS...ripping pwoplws heads off....Killing a Hydra, Killing Perseus and that fat nasty sister of time......KRATOS PWNS PWNS...LOL

Dante is a homo.....

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The story is too old to be commented.