PS4 Move Controller Hinted At in Sony 2nd Party Job Listing

PSLS have uncovered a job listing from a 2nd Party Sony developer for the next PS console – who has exclusively created Move-only games and worked on Move R&D. Will the PS4 sport motion controls?

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dbjj120883029d ago

Probably even better Frisbee simulation.

doctorstrange3029d ago

If you don't catch it, it hits you in the face.

Sev3029d ago

I just threw my Move directly into the trash. It's worthless. Waste of money bullshit.

GribbleGrunger3029d ago

mark my words, if the PS4 has a MOVE controller it won't be in the form we see now, it will be a duelshock controller that splits in two

Abash3029d ago

"I just threw my Move directly into the trash. It's worthless. Waste of money bullshit."

Geez you want to wait before Sorcery and Dathura release before saying that?

doctorstrange3029d ago

But it's 5-6 hours long, which doesn't fill me with too much hope

Sev3029d ago

I've played them both.

GribbleGrunger3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Journey is 2 hours long and that game fills me with more hope than any other game i've ever played

@Sev. that's really unprofessional of you. you say that you threw your MOVE in the bin because it's useless and then state you've played both Sorcery and Dathura... you might as well just come out and say that both are rubbish and that we shouldn't buy them. NDAs are there for a reason.

TheFirstClassic3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

@Sev These kind of comments seem kind of unusual for you. They're blunt and you don't mention anything to back up your statements. Did you really not like sorcery and Dathura? Why not? And I'm guessing you didn't actually throw the move away...that would be a waste of money, very dumb.

Sev3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

You're putting words into my mouth. I never said anything specifically about either game. I loved Datura. The Move itself isn't crap, the support is.

And I'm not reviewing anything. Nor am I under any sort of NDA. They're not completed projects so I can't speak of the final product. But two games, even if they're good, aren't enough for me to be happy about the state of the Move.

If you're happy with the current Move games, awesome for you. I am not, and no two games are going to fix this mess.

The part that pisses me off the most, is how advanced the Move itself is. I can't fathom how devs keep fucking it up.. I've seen tech demonstrations from Anton with more promise.

And no, I didn't actually throw it away, I have games to review. But I might as well have considering how few games are released for it. Even less if you only count GOOD games. Nothing good has been out since launch. Tacked on support doesn't count. Check my review of Start the Party! Save the World, and then ask me again why im bitter. Simply put, I expected better, and know the Move is capable of better things than what is on the market.

I can't say anything specific about Sorcery and Datura because they aren't finished. That's like critiquing and unfinished painting, movie, or song, or even saying I didn't enjoy my food before its done cooking.

TheFirstClassic3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

@Sev that's better, and you do have a point. I expected a lot more out of move than what we got. Games like sorcery and Dathura should have already come out, there needs to be more games that are biult for move from the ground up.

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metsgaming3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Why? There isnt even good support for the original. Yea they can improve it but its pointless if they dont make games that take advantage of it. Support the one you already have then think about making a newer version.

Zindagi did a great job with sports champions and really are the only ones who have used the move correctly they need more people to use it right ! BTW please make SC2 or something that isnt on rails.

doctorstrange3029d ago

Cause it'll be at the start of the lifecycle it'll be better supported. But yeah, can't say I like how Sony handled the Move.

Lifewish3029d ago

Agreed.. Let's see them actually support something.

MrBeatdown3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Despite the misleading headline, the job listing doesn't make any reference to a new Move. My guess is Sony will just support the Move controller we have now on PS4. There is no reason it wouldn't be compatible.

MrBeatdown3028d ago

*Looks at disagrees*

Well, that's three people that didn't read the job description.

It says nothing about developing for a new Move controller, only the existing one and a next-gen console.

KING853029d ago

I'd like to see a star wars game utilizing the move. This would be a great way to demonstrate the peripheral's capabilities.

VenomCarnage893029d ago

If its boxed in with the PS4, along with a standard controller, then I'll give it a try. Other than that, not going out of my way for a motion controller.

VanillaBear3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Come on Sony, lets cut the gimmicks now

You guys should focus on the PS4, not motion controls

It's like when MS say they want to add Kinect "2" into the next's over, yes the casual crowd was a nice ride but it's come to an end. Lets all focus on the main audience here, the people who actually are gamers.

If it's boxed with it, same goes for Kinect 2, why make people pay for gimmicks that they don't want

stormeagle63029d ago

It's pretty much become a staple now, you're not going to see the motion controller disappear-no matter how little developer support it gets.

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