The Voice Behind Episode 4 – Jennifer Hale

When we were working on the format of the show, and who we wanted to talk to, this week’s guest Jennifer Hale was on the original list. She’s voiced hundreds of characters, from Katnappe on Xiolin Showdown and Carmelita on The Tick to FemShep in the Mass Effect series and Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear. Jennifer talks with Evan, N7 hoody in tow, to talk about how she could beat up David Hayter, how the importance of looks is changing in the voice acting field, and why Admiral Adama could be a woman. She also hints at a few dozen new projects that she can’t tell anyone about. What a tease.

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itsactuallyadam3036d ago

An interesting listen guys, wish she was on my podcast.

Godmars2903036d ago

For someone who gained recognition by voicing a serious character, she sure comes off as easy going if not outright comedic.

DeadManMcCarthy3035d ago

she's hot and has the sexiest voice.