Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 285 – The Best Ending

So why is this the best? No, this won’t be the last show. But it will be the last time for a while that we talk about Mass Effect, as Evan finished this week, Mike is busy whacking balls (or not), and Ian, much like the noble honey badger, just don’t care.

The first 45 minutes is devoted to ME3 talk (although we do use it to talk about greater topics in gaming), but we do get to MLB The Show, Draw Something, and new releases. Plus our first Kickstarter highlight, Tempus Chronicle, for those that want Chrono Trigger gameplay with a weekly release schedule. Next week, nothing by games that end in Mama, we promise.

Oh, Evan references Armored Core 5 as a game he is eagerly awaiting because he like the 4th one so much. He was referring to the Front Mission series, not Armored Core. Time to up the anti-senility dosage.

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