UGO: Hollywood Game Guide

Ever since the dawn of video gaming, developers have looked to Hollywood for inspiration. The marriage of films and games is a logical one, born around the same time as the advent of the summer blockbuster in the 1970s.

The results have been mixed over the decades. Many game publishers crap out lackluster movie tie-in games because they know the public will voraciously devour anything with the movie's logo slapped on it. Have any of you ever played The Crow: City of Angels game? If so, [UGO is] very sorry.

On the flip side, there have been some amazing games over the years that complement the movies that they are derived from; The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is arguably better than the movie that it's the prequel for. The Star Wars coin-op arcade game is considered one of the best arcade games of all time. Peter Jackson films have enjoyed great video game releases; EA's Lord of the Rings adaptations were stellar, and Ubisoft's King Kong was one of the best Xbox 360 launch titles.

Game companies are now starting to mine older movies for game ideas. In the near future, [we gamers are] going to see games based on Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones, among many others. Collected here is a taste of what's to come. As more games are announced, [UGO will] add them here, so check back often for updates.


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