No Big Boobs on Devil May Cry Reboot

Gamatsu: The statement is very clear, we can say goodbye to those beautiful feminine attributes and new methods of stimulation will be there waiting for players. What do you think are going to miss?. DMC will be available this year on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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RedDead2495d ago


This game was gonna be **** anyway.

Abash2495d ago

Jesus Christ, Dante looks feminine, the demons in the debut trailer look feminine, the battle music has a female singer, and now no big boobs? This is too much of a coincidence Ninja Theory, you know what I mean?

OmegaSlayer2494d ago

Tameem said that Dante is male and different from him...

The problem is not the lack of boobs.

The boobs were part of an extreeeeeeeeme fictional setting that wasn't believable but was fun and impudent.

This game won't only lack boobs, it will lack fun.

The worse NT will do is making a serious Dante with that face saying funny/cocky stuff.
That would not be believable at all.

A guy with white hair, red coat and a sword saying cocky stuff is believable.
A skinny guy in undershirt no.

-Mika-2495d ago

I guess we know what age group you in. The developer had a point. Just adding big breast on a girl is just tasteless and trashy. It really hard to take a female seriously when she looking like that. Im loving this game even more now and i can't wait for it release.

FlashXIII2494d ago

The term "trashy" sums up everything about this game. While I agree that big boobs is tasteless and trashy this game is hardly setting any higher standards in all fairness and honesty.

Grap2494d ago

so now emo is ok.. big booooobs not?

HarryMasonHerpderp2494d ago

What you mean like this?
sorry couldnt help it =)

FlareDReborn2494d ago

Boobs like these! see attached images mawahaha

NegativeCreep4272494d ago

doesn't mean she doesn't have character or depth.

Either way, It doesn't matter much to me anyway.

I'm more of a nipple man. If a woman has great nipples/areola, I"m in.

Highlife2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Never understood people into anime chicks. Try the real ones they are more fun.

@flare and Harry

SilentNegotiator2494d ago

Getting rid of large breasts doesn't make the game progressive. Just lacking in breasts.

No one ever complains that the males are too attractive in games. Why is it an issue for women to be too attractive? You can have a good character that's ugly OR attractive, so why not go with very attractive so they're easy to look at?

DragonKnight2494d ago

@Mika: Since when does a woman's endowment equate to her character depth? If a person can't take a woman seriously because of her chest size, that's their own personality flaw. I have found that women that complain about such a thing are secretly upset with their own physical assets and are trying to draw attention away anyway. And for the record, men liking breasts any time they can see them is a biological inevitability. It has nothing to do with age. All men feel the same way, some just try to look mature by denying it.

sonic9892493d ago

@mika you are jealous of a video game character now grow up please gaming is for fun and so is the characters they should fit there rolls whether they look great or bad ( we guys arent offended with dante ( the original one ) ) some of you girls can be soo naive

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rebirthofcaos2495d ago

they will be available, post game DLC inside the disc.
ja ja ja ja

360GamerFG2495d ago

Previous DmC's had big boobs? Honestly never noticed.

rezzah2494d ago

only in DMC4 for some strange reason.

I think they even said they were trying to attract a larger female fanbase too.

Which makes you wonder why they added bigger breast to Trish and Lady.....

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