Will English Speakers Ever Get To Enjoy Final Fantasy Type-0?

GamingUnion: "The last couple of Final Fantasy games have been less than stellar for Square Enix, in terms of reputation. Final Fantasy XIV released despite beta testers warning them the game was essentially broken, Final Fantasy XIII released as a sixty plus hour movie with a handful of playable gameplay segments, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 has (so far) sold much less than any of its predecessors. Throughout these debacles gamers have stuck by Square and Square has continually found one way or another to somewhat sully the Final Fantasy name…until now. Final Fantasy Type-0 looks like it may be just the game to "right the ship" for Square Enix, if only they would take the time to localize it."

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mephman3029d ago

*fingers crossed* I really hope this gets a Western release.

Metamorph933029d ago

Sadly, I'm starting to care less and less about FF games.

knifefight3029d ago

I definitely understand your sentiment, but I really loved Type-0. Was my favorite FF since the PS2 days.
Here's a review:

Canary3029d ago

Given how many years it's taken for most people to come to this conclusion, I can't wait to see the shack and dismay people feel at being letdown by Dragon Age 3.

KeybladeMaster3029d ago

If Square cares about their fanbase they would. Sadly I dont think they do anymore. The announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2 last year proves this.

Inception3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Half years since the released in japan and SE still drowned for 13-2 hype. So the chance they will localize type-0 are very small. Besides, SE aren't like Xseed, Aksys, or Atlus who still brave to take a risk by releasing their game for PSP in the west.

WildArmed3029d ago

<3 Xseed, Aksys and Atlus.

They stay true to their fans. Never once have I wondered if I'll be able to buy their game in english. They have delivered so far!

knifefight3029d ago

Heheh well when 2 of those 3 companies don't even make games it's pretty easy for "their" games to always be in English XD

Inception3029d ago

Too true. Oh don't forget NIS & Gust. They're also some company that always made all of their fans happy.

Even Xseed and Aksys aren't a developer the risk is still big because the two of them are small company. They must buy the license to translate those games and divide the profit with the developer. Imagine with niche titles like Legend of Heroes or Fate/Extra, the profit aren't as big as Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest. But they're still took those risk and released it in the west. That's why they will always have my hat for bravery.

knifefight3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Right, I know what a publisher has to do, Inception ;)

I'm just saying that there are no XSeed or Aksys games that are released in Japan but *not* North America, as Skv007 was implying.

You seem to be replying to the idea that XSeed and Aksys "take no risks," which is not at all what either of us said and not at all what either of us seem to think.

Relax man, it's OK. XD

TacoTaru3029d ago

If it has to be action battles instead of traditional turn-based I guess I don't much care if it is localized.

Kurisu3029d ago

Did you play the Japanese demo? It may be action-orientated but it's a very fluid system. I'm really hoping for an English release.

HarvesterOSarow3029d ago

It's along the same vein as Crisis Core, and while enjoying that game, I thought the combat was on the right track, but definitely needed work. This is basically the teams second attempt to do a Real Time Battle system clashing some of the best fighting mechanics of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and any good third person action game. Also, this is the most adult FF since Tactics. Blood, betrayal, and massacres...kinda nice to see a change.

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The story is too old to be commented.