Six Resolutions for Microsoft in 2008

With the Xbox 360, Microsoft has done a lot of things right. It's made smart choices about the future of high-def, delivered a strong development kit to keep game creators happy, and of course, birthed Xbox Live - which did so much right from the beginning, five years ago, that the competition still hasn't been able catch up. But there's always room for improvement. As the new year rolls around, OXM US humbly submit a half-dozen action items for Microsoft

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predator4037d ago

i agree with all, if they do that 2008 will be a great year for the 360

JsonHenry4037d ago

still no option of Keyboard and mouse support from the developers, huh?

predator4037d ago

i dont want pc and keyboard support, if i wanted to use them i would use the pc, not my console

Antan4037d ago

My new years resolution is 1920x1080.

heyheyhey4037d ago

resolution #7: submit to sony's power and do whatever they command
mwahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha hahahhaa

just a joke no need to get all riled up 360 fanboys anyway i dont think they can really fix the behavior problem without banning accounts for everyone that swears too much and thats just unacceptable