Assassin's Creed III Details Reveal New Weapon, Gameplay Changes, and More

Ubisoft has clearly gone to great lengths to ensure that Assassin's Creed III will improve on just about every aspect of the series.

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iamnsuperman2401d ago

Everything sounds interesting except this

"Their recreation of Boston is actually three times larger than the real city was at the time".

The one thing I loved about the previous AC games was the historical nature of the cities. I can see the importance of making Boston bigger (purely gameplay terms) but it is a shame they have to go away from making the cities historically accurate

Canary2401d ago

Well, they weren't THAT accurate. But yeah, it was nice. A major draw for many people; THE major draw for people like myself.

But, to be blunt, pre-Industrial America is just about the WORST possible setting for an Assassin's Creed game. They have to take (fairly drastic) liberties with the urban architecture of the era in order to maintain the same urban-platforming we've come to expect from the franchise. If they tried to be historically accurate, even the largest American cities would be, well, painful to play through, what with being a slap-shod collection of squat timber buildings.

American architecture didn't really take off until the 20th century. And even then, only along the coasts. Even now, most of the center of the continent is... well, google "urban sprawl." It's ugly. Fugly, even.

Anyway, the squat, timber city-scape will likely be an issue: fortunately, Ubi seems to realize this--hence the focuse on all the additional platformer elements and use of nature. The setting had me worried, but I've enough confidence in Ubisoft to give them the benefit of the doubt.

GanjaMan2400d ago

yh america is shit setting for the game they should have chose something a location like egypt or england or even france.

TotalHitman2400d ago


Or even Ancient Greece or Revolutionary Russia.

lastdual2400d ago

"But, to be blunt, pre-Industrial America is just about the WORST possible setting for an Assassin's Creed game."

Maybe the worst for an AC game that aims to be more of the same, but it's a great setting for one that actually tries to do something new and different. The increased role that the wilderness will play sounds like the type of exciting change that the series needed.

RedDead2400d ago

I hope they have difficulty settings this time around. Always found Ac way to easy

Nimblest-Assassin2400d ago


They said they completely overhauled combat and stealth.

In the old AC games, I think their focus was to make the player feel like a badass, which is why counter kills were so damn powerful, they made you feel awesome when you nail it, even though doing it requires little skill.

But now, players are unable to turtle in a corner and counter, as enemies are much more aggresisive.

Can't wait to see gameplay

chaldo2400d ago

I don't care where the game is taking place. If you saw the new screens, http://www.computerandvideo... you would shit your pants. This game is gonna look great~

Also, they are changing the game a lot which is a good thing.

eak32399d ago

omg that last screen is sick. You can actually see the tomahawk embedded in the guys back.

Awesome_Gamer2400d ago

Its going to be awesome.. I really cant wait

Grap2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

change ur map. it's always boring to watch

TheColbertinator2400d ago

Fighting other natives,eh? That should be interesting.

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