Next Xbox No-Show: Why Microsoft's Keeping Durango Under Wraps

With Microsoft's announcement that it has no plans to even mention its next generation console system at this year's E3, the annual video game trade show has gotten a bit less interesting.

It is, in some ways, a confusing decision. While no one expected the next Xbox to come out this year, publishers traditionally begin beating the drum for new systems about 18 months out - and there's no indication Microsoft has pushed the system to 2014. Also, with the company talking to developers now, the specs for the device have leaked out faster than water through a colander.

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donniebaseball2426d ago

I would have loved to have seen it this year. Oh well.

SockeyBoy2426d ago

Even if they are going to show it at e3 they wouldn't admit it now. Why spoil a suprise before the biggest gaming event.

VanillaBear2426d ago


Remember David Jaffe and Twisted Metal...the apparent "I'm not woring on it" deal

T9002426d ago Show
reynod2426d ago

Wonder where i would spend my 400usd:

Buy a GTX 680 for 400usd.


Buy a Xbox 720 for 400usd (which probably comes with a 6670GPU).

Pros and cons:

GTX 680: Pros

It is a GTX 680 that itself is a pro
Backward compatibility for current games


It needs to have a quad core cpu running around 4Ghz, this requirement can be fullfilled if you have bought a PC anytme in the last 3-4years.

Xbox 720 pros:

its for people who want a simple plug in solution and dont care about performance.


Dated low end tech from the get go
expensive games
pay to go online
Might not have BC (hence thousands of usd worth of games bought may not work).

Jamaicangmr2426d ago

Stop being an ass like we don't have to wait on new hardware to be released for PC as well.

"its like waiting for MS and Sony to make a call for when they think is the right time for you to get an upgrade."

How is this different from waiting on Nvidia's GTX680 or AMD's HD7970 to be released?

Grow up, if you are so happy with your gaming choice why such a Narcissistic comment?

Again grow up.

reynod2425d ago


Honestly you dont see a difference between a yearly refresh and being locked down to 6 year old hardware.

I bet most PC gamers who upgraded to a GTX 560 or HD 6870+ probably wont be dishing out money for another upgrade so soon. Its not like they are desperately waiting for an upgrade.

sak5002425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )


LOL what an ignorant comment, pathetic. I was a hard core PC gamer before i bought an xbox360 in Dec2k6. Since i have worked in IT industry for last 15 years i've known tech first hand. Had been building pcs for myselves and family/friends. Used to upgrade the vga almost every year till i went from ps2 to xbox360 in Dec 2k5.

From that date till now i've spent $0 on hardware upgrade for xbox360 (accessories not counting) and have upgraded my PC (full platform change - MB/VGA/RAM) twice. With the amount of more than $2000.

After the last platform change I have 2 x 5870, Core i6 760 (2.8Quad @ 3.86ghz) water-cooled, 2 x 2GB DDR1600 and about 1TB of hdds including 128gb SSD for O/S and main programs. Having 2 monitors, Asus MS236h 23" 1080p and samsung 940w.

BUT I STILL fkng prefer gaming on my 360. I've tried few times bF3 on pc and gave up since the xfire mode kept crashing the game despite the latest drivers rlsd at the time i was trying. Batman AA was ok but got bored with KB/MOuse. Connected the XB360 controller made it better but didn't like sitting on the computer chair/table and playing on 23" monitor. I prefer laying on my couch and playing on 50" 1080p TV instead.

Maybe i'm old now and can't game on for 7~8 hours straight sitting on pc back in BF 1942/vietnam days.

ALso dont have to worry about drivers, crashes, video settings, whether xfire will work or not, system rebooting, waiting for next graphic card to be rlsd and then within 6 months it's become an entry model with price half of what was purchased before etc etc.

Can't wait for next gen consoles would rather buy any of those than a new vga costing more than combined next gen consoles.

Diver2425d ago

where is evildead360? he swore constantly it was coming. why isn't he here to refute Microsoft?

catguykyou2425d ago

I've seen the unreal 4 tech demo. I know what computer hardware it took to run it. It is flat out amazing and better than anything seen today. They fully expect the next consoles to be able to run it.
Consoles hold back PC tech. This is known. PC owners should be clambering just as much for the new consoles as the consoles owners because once they are out and running Unreal 4 games, you are going to see a MASSIVE leap in graphics on PC as well.

sikbeta2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Pros and cons of being a PC-Zealot

pros: you circlejerk all the time with your precious PC

cons: nobody cares about your gaming rig, people have been plaing on consoles for decades, hating on it can't change that


Bring on the Next Gen!

ProjectVulcan2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Xbox 360 has died a death for me now. Halo 4 is the last really big game i see in the forseeable future. Most everything else i play on PS3 and especially PC.

I think Microsoft are readying a new machine for early next year i would hope, just because of the lack of exclusives for 360.

I spent at lot on 360 over the years, new machines because of broken hardware, 6 years worth of XBL. Plenty of games. Easily as much if not more than i have on PC hardware and games in that time.

So although it is pretty much history now for me, i would welcome a new machine. It would be disappointing if it only has the hardware that was rumoured though, having my PC being able to trash it even before it arrives would kind of suck.

Have to have a little faith in Microsoft getting it right and getting the games ready for it.

SephirothX212425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I've a high-end pc that I built in the summer and I disagree with you on what you said. Firstly, I have a GTX 580 and have had no problems with drivers or any game so far and I've played a lot of them. Upgrading drivers is simple and quick. I have a PS3 and 360 also but I hardly use them now. I play with the 360 controller on pc and am able to play Skyrim on full settings with hd texture pack at 1920 x 1080. You mentioned sitting on the couch while playing. Well I do just that. The GTX 580 has a hdmi slot and I have my pc connected to my 32 inch Bravia tv via hdmi and monitor via dvi. My pc is fully backwards compatible. As a matter of fact, I'm currently playing Half Life 1. Also, Steam is brilliant for saving money and it auto patches games for me. My specs are better than will be in either PS4 or 720. You said you didn't update your 360. Well I had a 360 break. I had to change batteries for the controller numerous times and two headets I bought were faulty. Also, look at the prices of hdds for 360. For the same price of a 120gb 360 hdd, you can get a faster 1tb hdd for pc. Also, Kinect is better on Windows than on 360. I know because I have it.

EVILDEAD3602425d ago

'where is evildead360? he swore constantly it was coming. why isn't he here to refute Microsoft?'

LMAO @ Where AM I? Who are YOU?

You have 95 comments in over 2 years..Where are YOU? What are you the stealth disagree account? LOL

Jokes aside..If you REALLY believe that Micrsoft WON'T show 720 at THIS year's E3 you must beleive in Santa as well.

Why on God's green earth would they mention ONE peep about it in March? Of course they are going to deny it until the show. The video blogsphere are simply doing their dirty work for them.

It's all a chess game, but there is no where in Hades will Micrsoft pass up an entire year of Buzz over waiting till next June and only have 3 months of buzz.

If they do and that is a dumbfounding IF they don't show a vid or just simply announce the system..which we ALL know that they showed it behind closed doors just this month, then Micrsoft is in for a long year of hearing about what Sony and Nintendo are doing.


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trancefreak2425d ago

I don't think you tell any media outlet any news when you have a strong selling console already. No need for people to put off a purchase on a xbox.

Nac2425d ago

God, PC people are the biggest "Me Toos" out there. Get out of here, THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU!

AmaZinG2426d ago

I think i speak for the mostly Xbox fanbase :

We want the new Xbox.

LOGICWINS2426d ago

Absolutely. I'm sure most 360 owners want to spend $400 on a next-gen console when GTA5, AC3, Max Payne 3, DOA5, RE6, The Last of Us, The Amazing Spiderman, and Halo 4 are on the horizon for current gen consoles.

BattleTorn2426d ago

I'm willing to pay $600+ for a new console!

I just spent $1200 on a new PC.

Forza_is_King2426d ago

I have my $400 sitting in my bank ready to drop down on a new Xbox.

Can't wait. Hitting the midnight special event like I did with the 360.

FutureTechnologies2426d ago

Meh, I rather buy the new GTX 680 with that 400$.

FatGayandbald2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

All those games you mentioned would of come n gone by autumn 2013 and the last of us isn't on xbox 360 lol.

I will be certainly ready for new consoles next year,really showing their age now so 1 more year at most i hope.

LOGICWINS2426d ago

"All those games you mentioned would of come n gone by autumn 2013 and the last of us isn't on xbox 360 lol."

So being a 360 owner means that you don't also have access to or own a PS3. LOL, N4G never fails.

TekoIie2426d ago

Aaah LOGIC. The admins should really make you change your name. Not all of us are willing to own both consoles due to affordability or not seeing the point in owning 2 pieces of hardware which are VERY similar in their usage.

Please use common sense or think LOGICally before trying to criticise other people...

LOGICWINS2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

???? Is English your second language? I'm making the point that its POSSIBLE for a 360 owner to also own a PS3 and be excited for the Last of Us...thus diminishing the urge to buy the next Xbox. What the does your obvious statement that some people aren't multi console owners have to do with anything?

FatGayandbald2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

FAIL maybe if you actually read the comment you replyed to its obvious the guy is talking about himself wanting a new xbox unless he speaks for every xbox owner and is only talking xbox. Maybe blame yourself instead of n4g ,you just posted a reply to that guy n just went into your own world.

ZippyZapper2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Why can't those game just play on the next Xbox? I'm pretty sure the next Xbox will be 100% BC with 360 games. There is no need for MS to make an emulator for the next Xbox like they had to with the 360.

FutureTechnologies2426d ago

If you are not ready to pay for it, someone else will!

ZoyosJD2425d ago

Well it's an AmaZing LOGIC FAIL.

Logically, I would post my opinion, rather than trying to speak for a group that is much more diverse in opinions than that of my own. But, thats just me.

Taking into account the agrees and disagrees as a poll, you are both wrong.

IMO: I want free next gen hardware thats BC with auto up-scaling.

Will I get what I want? NO.

Can I give that opinion without referencing the entire fanbase? YES.

sikbeta2425d ago

lol @ the disagrees, people who don't want new consoles right now, you can wait a couple of years if you can't afford a day one/month one/ year one purchase :P

Outside_ofthe_Box2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Kudos to Zoyos.

"So being a 360 owner means that you don't also have access to or own a PS3. LOL, N4G never fails."

N4G never fails? Well, it appears that "Logic" "Wins" always fails.

You said ***"MOST"*** 360 owners. Are you really ***"SURE"*** that Last of Us is one of the games that would prevent MOST 360 owners from getting the next Xbox lol? Never mind the fact that most if not all of those games are coming out this year...

SkyGamer2425d ago

@ ZippyZapper.

I don't know why you got so many disagrees? MS OWNS the Xenos architecture. That was one of their main goals this gen. If you own an architecture, you won't have to pay someone else to emulate it.

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Kurt Russell2426d ago

I'm up for a new console now.

Anon19742425d ago

I'm always first in with new tech, but not this time. I was burned so badly by 360 hardware issues that there's no way I'm chancing buying a new Xbox until it's at least a year old and I'm sure the bugs are worked out. The first 2 years of being a 360 owner, I didn't even have my 360 a third of the time as it was perpetually breaking down, and I needed to dish out $170 twice to Microsoft for repairs until they extended their warranty, and even then I had to fight to get that money back.

I'll never forget the disappointment of sitting there with my newly released copy of Halo 3 and not having a console to play it on. It's experiences like that that'll change your gaming habits. Never again, Microsoft. Prove to me your hardware is solid and then we'll talk.

givemeshelter2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I hear you. I was burnt by getting a first generation Xbox60 and burnt getting a first generation PS2. Had to pay for a new PS2. Waited for ever to get my money back from MS for a new least I did get reimbursed. I will never buy a new console out the gate.

TekoIie2424d ago

Very true. Need the nextBox to be a reliable piece of hardware day one. Not 4-6 years down the line.

GraveLord2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Don't see how an Apple TV could be a threat to consoles.
What would it cost? Most likely $2,000-$3,000....

Console manufacturers have nothing to worry about.

EDIT: Did you not read the article?

"By the end of the year, the company is expected to unveil a television, which will almost certainly tie in with iTunes and the App Store. We've already seen Apple steal audience from handheld systems. Once it's in the living room, the Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U could all be in the laser sights."

This is what I was referring to, the rumored television. Apple TV has been out for year and that isn't affecting consoles...

BattleTorn2426d ago

You don't know what Apple TV is, do you?

It's a little box that retails for under $120.

morganfell2426d ago

The problem is Apple TV is a glorified storefront whereas Google TV is a connection to an ecosystem.

Tai_Kaliso2426d ago

It makes perfect sense not to show the next Xbox this year, Microsoft doesn't want to pull a Nintendo and show off a new piece of hardware and have it kill sales for the current model.

No way does a new Xbox come out this year, so next year seems much more logical and you should only show a new console the same year your going to release it.

Since Microsoft seems to have Epic, Remedy and Crytek working on titles for the next Xbox, as well as internal studios, I'd guess for a Holiday 2013 release. That leaves almost another 22 months to complete release date games, which will probably be Ryse by Crytek, Gears Exile running on UE4 and probably Alan Wake 2. Of course it'll have the typical sports games and things like that.

I don't mind waiting another year and a half because there are a ton of great games coming out this year.

DrJones2425d ago

Personally, I don't think the next Xbox or Playstation will release before 2014.

360GamerFG2426d ago

Only reason that matters: Profit.
Xbox 360 recently recouped ALL its losses and is currently riding a mega profit wave. Microsoft will wanna ride that wave for at least another year or so before introducing another console.
Wonder if PS4 will launch next year even though PS3 is still largely in the red.

suicidalblues2426d ago

Financialgamer seems to know just about nothing when it comes to gaming and, well, finances.

Earlier he wowed us with his inside knowledge of Sony and what they expect the Vita to do saleswise.

360GamerFG2426d ago

Sigh. . .I'll make this slow and simple. From 2006 til 2010, PS3 was losing money, it was not profitable. Then in 2010 it started being profitable i.e started making money.
It has however NOT made back ALL that money it lost from 2006 - 2010.
X360 has also had a similar journey, only it started being profitable in 2009. But it ONLY recouped ALL losses in late 2011.
Did the little children understand? All you need do is grab a copy of their financial reports to see what I'm talking about. PS3 had a 4.8 billion loss going on until 2010, no way they've recouped that in one year lol.

andibandit2426d ago

Altho FinancialGamer comes across as a troll, he is right in this case.

DiRtY2426d ago

just to clear things up:

FinancialGamer is talking about overall profits. That is where the 360 is.

You are talking about profit in the last year. That is where the PS3 is. They have to recoup the losses from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 first. Plus R&D in 2005.

Howard Stringer interview from August 2008

Q: You have spent three billion dollars on the Playstation 3, disregarding research and development. Can you ever get your money back?

Stringer: Not for as long as I live (laughs).

I know Stringer is no longer CEO, but as much as I trust Hirai, he can't change the past.

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ZoyosJD2425d ago

While that may have been the case for hardware turning a profit, software has been turning a profit since day one, just like 360, the gaming consoles have overall been profitable for a long time.

Heck, Live subsrciptions alone cover the cost of replacing every RRoD'd 360 so far. PS+ is profitable, and they are giving 30+ games away for $50 a year.