GTA IV map revealed

Here is the map for GTA IV.

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whoelse4033d ago

Im still not convinced that is a picture of the map but you never know :)

gta_cb4033d ago

they have written on the video "COULD" be so obviously the first thing i want to say is the title isnt correct lol, it should be a rumour.

but anyway R* "COULD" ;) surprise us and we could find out that the map on that boat is zoomed in a bit :p i mean that bit showing New Jersey seems a bit small :(

Gamingisfornerds4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

It's just a rough lay-out of the city and it's extremely old if you have been following the GTA forums. This has been established a long time ago and it's not all that interesting imo.

The actual map would be though.

heyheyhey4033d ago

even if that isnt the map its still one hell of an observance- these analysts can find hundreds of things in one trailer

gta_cb4033d ago

i just want the game to come out :( and no i dont care on which console first as i now own both :p so just give me my fix of GTA R* PLZZZZ!!! ;)

bourner4033d ago

wow way too much time on his hands

HeartlesskizZ4033d ago

I got no idea how people can find this things but im sure time got some to do with it =D

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The story is too old to be commented.