Lollipop Chainsaw Rock Bosses Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: What can I say when I first saw Lollipop Chainsaw I instantly fell in love. Bright colors, burning hot chainsaw, blonde cheer leader…Buffy anyone and a ton of zombies. The Rock Bosses trailer popped up the other day and I really wanted to point out how stunning the art is with these screen shots.

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Jourdy2882495d ago

Something about this game makes me feel slightly... Unnerved. I'm not sure what. It's just like my uncanny valley's getting dug deeper and deeper every day.

Emilio_Estevez2495d ago

Such an oddball concept/design nice to see people take chances

dark-hollow2495d ago

Coming from suda, I know it will be cheesy, over the top, ridiculous and totally AWESOME!

HoneyBadger2495d ago

I like how different the game is too

Dante1122494d ago

Suda=Interested . I like their weird games.

vgcgames2494d ago

very weird game, not sure about this one