'Survival horror' market too small for Resident Evil, says Capcom producer

Some long-time Resident Evil fans might long for the "good old days" of the franchise, when early games in the series were deliberately-paced, nerve-wracking explorations into a "world of survival horror." Today, the series' emphasis is on action that rarely lets up.

But while there are those who'd love to see a return to classic Resident Evil gameplay, the market for that style -- "survival horror" -- just isn't viable enough to warrant the biggest investments, Capcom's Resident Evil: Revelations producer Masachika Kawata told Gamasutra in an interview.

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dedicatedtogamers3031d ago

Really? Dead Space 1 and 2 both managed to do pretty dang well in the survival horror genre, not to mention Penumbra and Amnesia: Dark Descent. I guess CAPCOM simply wants to see FPS-sized sales for the RE series. Oh well.

NYC_Gamer3031d ago

Capcom=selling out their own RE fan base


agreed, "So I think that by extending the market in this sense, we can still have the numbered titles keep their identity about what Resident Evil is supposed to be, but still expand and hit other markets as well." = making more money while putting less effort into each game.

aCasualGamer3031d ago

I don't buy this "There is no market". There is always a market if you create a good product. Doesn't matter what genre it is, if the game is really good... people will buy it.

So stop giving us excuses Capcom and go all out on Resident Evil 6 development. Fund the necessary amount of money in order to satisfy the developers so that we fans can get the game we deserve.

LOGICWINS3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

There is a market for survival horror games..its just that the market for action games is MUCH bigger. Personally, I love the action approach of the new RE games because the combat system is beginning to make SENSE.

Trained STARS operatives should be able to stomp on enemies at will, perform uppercuts/hooks/kicks, and dodge easily. The old RE games were frustrating to me because they basically handicapped players abilities to make players feel vulnerable..hence make the game more scary. I understand that was the point..but when I come home from class and I wanna play a game, I want to be a badass and kick the crap out of monsters..not fear that I'm going to get killed by ONE zombie at every turn.

At $20, RE5 is possibly the best SP action you can get with PS Move compatibility, scary or not.

morganfell3031d ago

"Capcom producer too incompetent for survival horror games"

Sevir3031d ago

but they praise it for being great! make up your minds people! as it stands the archaic game play mechanics of super confined spaces endless back tracking and and super stagnant, slower than maple syrup on a winter morning character movement has fake scares with pictures turning into ghost zombies, no longer define horror! and fear! resident Evil of the past being RE1 and 2 and even 3 are no longer scary or fun by todays standards...

They just dont stand up to faster paced action.. The reason why Dead space is so great is because its successfully taken classic horror and bring it up to todays standards! making your character adept enough to deal with whats being thrown at you!

Its the reason why RE6 will be everything it the franchise should have been when it made the jump to PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2009 with RE5!

I'm glad classic survival horror is dying! Survival means surviving, by any means necessary! Running hiding, shooting. knifing. just make it up to todays standards of gaming and everything else will fall into places!!!

Viceral games has done a great job! Dead Space 2 to me is more scary than any Resident evil I've played this gen. and they didn't stick by conventional out date game play mechanics and genre staples! I'm glad Capcom is finally getting on the ball with making RE6 the way it should have been before they fumbled with RE5!

Lazy_Sunday3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I actually think that the market for survival horror games has the potential to be bigger than the FPS genre. Every genre of game has that potential. Every game has that potential. But this industry has to be willing to take risks. Big risks--just like it used to take. Playing it safe never lends its hands into the pockets of consumerism, and innovation is flaunted in this gen. It's the biggest misstep in almost every edge of the market--and the biggest problem with these new innovations is that we refer to them as "risks." A "risk" is a term for a business. A creative collective should never refer to following it's roots as a "risk" because that entails that it's not creative enough to try new things.

badz1493031d ago

the true RE are dead in the water!

Gamer19823031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

agreed with @Savir Dead Space as also very action based. Games have moved on as have most gamers, when developers try to release games to appeal to the old guard such as myself not enough of us buy them up so they no longer bother. It's why JRPG is dying/struggling and is constantly trying to evolve. They trying to hit a new market and in turn not realising push out the old market. Perfect example is Atelier games they were perfect on PS2 they added a time system on PS3 versions and ruined them. Breath of fire on PS1 were great they added time on that ruined it in dragon quarter. Devs trying to evolve games to new demographics and destroying them.

Grap3031d ago

I don't know buy i think they Anti New IP.. don't ruin ur own IP if u want to attract Cod fan just make a new ip don't screw fans of the RE,NG,FF,etc...... series. just don't.

snipes1013031d ago

Resident Evil defined the survival horror market, how could he say that it is too small for it? I dont have a problem with the new approach, the old games are just bad mechanically speaking if you ask me. But, it is possible to have a game be scary with decent controls, Capcom would be good to learn that.

lastdual3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Dead Space is action-horror, not survival horror. I love the game, but the fact is that after a few upgrades Isaac is basically a walking tank.

Capcom should be aiming to give RE it's own identity, not simply copy what's popular. RE4 did a great job of blending action and survival horror, and Capcom ought to continue that unique balance, rather than simply turning the series into another bland "shooter with zombies".

SilentNegotiator3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

RIP Resident Evil

EVERY game these days has been made DLC friendly. Eventually, these publishers have to realize something; a method more successful (than another method) for one situation is not always more successful for another. RE is NOT going to become COD, mirror its success, or even ride its coattails with this new method.

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RedDead3031d ago

Dead space 1 and 2 are action games with horror elements. They are in no way Survival horror

LOGICWINS3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Exactly. Its not like you have to worry about conserving your ammo in Dead Space like you had to do in the old RE games. Dead Space is an action game FIRST.

@people who say Capcom is selling out- Newsflash: Not all RE fans prefer the survival horror approach. RE4 is the best selling RE of all time even though RE3 and Code Veronica were arguably scary and more difficult. As a kid, I appreciated the challenge and sense of accomplishment that I gt from beating these games..but the direction that RE5 took exceeds all other REs in terms of gameplay.

LOGICWINS3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )


SandwichHammock3031d ago

Hit the nail on the head with the DS example.

dedicatedtogamers3031d ago

And I forgot to mention, what about the Condemned series (the first one moreso than the second one). Those games were pretty scary.

KyRo3031d ago

I only played 2 but what a brilliant, underrated game. I was hoping for a condemned 3 but they just left it die to make fear games which just weren't as good.

metsgaming3031d ago

What they really mean is, "we are going to cater to the market we believe we can suck the most money out of" That doesnt mean that the survival horror market is small it just means it isnt the biggest market and all they care about is making more money. Funny thing is they chase the money yet they almost always fail to gain the market they are looking for in the numbers they were hoping to.

Merrill3031d ago

Dead Space 2 IS NOT survival horror! It's an action game with some survival horror elements. Dead Space 1 is far superior experience and a "survival horror" game.

dark-hollow3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

This is driving me F**KING CRAZY!!!!!


You are killing your franchises!!!
The casual, cod/shooters crowd does NOT care about RE no matter how much you put more action or dumping down the gameplay.

They simply do NOT CARE!!!!!
Cod is selling millions because its COD!!!
And no matter how HARD you try you WONT have a slice of their huge fanbase..

If you want to appeal and extend to other crowds then MAKE A FRIKKING NEW IP!!!
Don't mess with your most valuable franchises that not only will not give you cod like sales, but it will decrease the original fan base.

Just look at final fantasy, devil may cry, ninja gaiden, resident evil and so on.

All that because they WON'T LISTEN TO THEIR FANS!!!

And someday when the cod hype die you all would look like fools for chasing that fad.

Why don't you look up to franchises that stayed true to their roots and still massively successful.
Metal gear solid, the legend of Zelda, main super Mario sequels, all are just examples of old franchises that didn't screw their old fans and STILL appealed for new gamers.
*nerd rage ends*

metsgaming3031d ago

i agree, these franchises trying to sell out to the COD crowd not only are ruining their games they will not get what they want. No COD player is ever going to stop playing COD to go play its clone, let alone even know that its clone even exists !!!!!

Im sick and tired of seeing my and other peoples favorite franchises get ruined. This is why in the back of my head i dont want Battlefront 3 because i just know they will not make the real game and sell out. The odds of this happening are staggering.

HBK6193031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

You're screaming it very loudly dark-hollow, but you're dead right man.

The reason these series turn to crap is because the devs want to turn them into the next COD to sell some extra copies, they don't want or care about what the fans of the series want to buy.

There's not 'too small of a market for survival horror'. There's just not a 20 million game selling market, but why does every game NEED to be that?

If a game does 4-5 million units, makes it's money back and the audience loves it, then why is that so wrong publishers? WHY IS THAT SO WRONG?!

We want good games, not COD in every game. And those things are becoming glaringly different, even COD games don't have a semblance of good game-ness left. Don't suck the life out of the actual good series out there.

Dark113031d ago

Well they are lying , Survival horror market isn't small .. they just want the bigger market , yep they want the COD market

Capcom is greedy nothing new here.

Simon_Brezhnev3031d ago

Capcom full of shit. They say its to small because they cant dominate it anymore. Just like how Bayonetta made DMC4 look stupid gameplay wise. It looks like everytime somebody beat them in their own genre they hire a new developer.

ritsuka6663031d ago

'Survival horror' market too small for Resident Evil, says Capcom producer"

Another reason for NOT buy Resident evil 6...

Sad,but crapcom killed one best franchises ever. =/

synce3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Dead Space is NOT horror. I played both games and not once was I ever scared because oh I don't know I COULD CUT SHIT TO PIECES AT WHIM. Try playing Silent Hill 2. You can barely aim in that game, and ammo doesn't appear out of thin air. Your best chance at survival is to run past enemies in narrow hallways. Try playing the game on hard. Seriously.

Anyway this is why videogames are not art. They're all products and nothing matters more than money.

Prototype3031d ago

Didn't they technically "start" the market? I know there was some game on NES called "Sweet Home" but Capcom started Resident Evil and that started its own genre. Now they "act" like there's no market.

It's really annoying that back in the 90's they made all kinds of games outside Street Fighter, now they act like unless its an FPS or something dlc heavy its "not worth it."

Nimblest-Assassin3031d ago

Meh, never was a big Re fan. When people get excited when you can move and shoot at the same time, you have a problem. Also, the market is not niche, their are a lot of great survival horrors like anmesia, dead space, dark souls(survival horror RPG) , and a game that has captured my attention the last of us. Also, I've seen the series depart from survival horror to action, really even revelations wasn't scary, and this new one Opc and R6 look like departures from the norm. Sorry, but their best choice would be to stick with the fans who love survival horror, not appeal to the cod kiddies, whom beg their mothers to buy games that are rated m in the first place. Lots of under 13 s in Cod.

eak33031d ago

Umm its called capitalism. If you could have 2 different potential products and one would pay you 10 dollars and the other would pay you 100 dollars which one are you going to produce?? It would be idiotic for them to keep rolling with a game-style that doesn't maximize their profit potential.

slayorofgods3031d ago

If the survival horror market is soo small, then why would you even use the Resident Evil name anymore? Retire Resident Evil and make a new franchise or is the survival horror market to big to pass up on so you want to carry over that audience while double dipping into the call of duty market.

Darrius Cole3030d ago

Dear Japanese game developers:

Everytime you try to out-American the Americans you will lose. Quit trying to westernize your games. Just make good games and advertise them. Your product is good if you would simply make good games according to your own taste. But trying to out-western the westerners is a guaranteed loser.

The reason COD sells so many units is because THEY ADVERTISE ALL YEAR. If you want to sell like Call of Duty, why don't you try a Super Bowl commercial.

SephirothX213030d ago

Imo, Resident Evil should have been kept to its roots. Res 5 should have been more like Res4 but with more horror and scares. Even though it was a great game, Res 5 was not a great Res game. If Capcom wanted to penetrate the shooter market, they could have started a new franchise and set it in Resident Evil's world while leaving Res game alone. The same can be said for Final Fantasy. This hasn't been a great generation for Capcom or Square Enix. I just hope Versus XIII doesn't end up being like XIII.

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In short,the RE series requires a heavy injection of shooter elements and removal of any non shooter related gameplay in order to further distance itself from its roots and loyal fanbase.
Thank you,please play again

VanillaBear3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

God this is why half of me wants RE6 to fail...because it's so bloody obvious that they havent taken any complaint or fan comments into account

We wanted no co-op...what do they do, add more co-op
We wanted zombies...what do they do, make them like Las Plagas, wield weapons, smart
We wanted horror, what do they do, make the game action packed
We wanted scary, solo gaemplay, what do they do, add a partner for each character
We wanted old fan favorites to return, what do they do, make new pointless characters and reused Chris...again. What about Jill as Chris's patner, Leon go solo with added Ada moments here and there and Barry and Rebbeca

Hell they've even tried to spilt the genres in the game to try and please everyone but it will fail, not to mention of the new characters seems to be a melee based, this is RE not Tekken.

They have three characters stories now and when you add more characters you sacrafice a good solid story overall. I also don't get it how with the co-op sticking around...wasn't that the whole point of Operation Raccoon City, a co-op themed online RE game.

<sigh> I miss Capcom......the last good console RE game was RE4......come on admit it it still had it's horror filled moments. It almost balanced action and horror perfectly, instead of getting it totaly perfect in RE5 Capcom went backwards, added too much action and the scales were unevenly tipped. Seriously read the RE4.5 article on Rely on horror RE5 sounded amazing before Co-op was involved

LOGICWINS3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Vanilla Bear..did it ever occur to you that there is another much BIGGER RE fanbase out there that wants the opposite of what you want? Why should Capcom invest millions of dollars to make a game for the minority of RE fans who want to return to the annoying ink ribbon system, weird camera angles, and zombies that could kill you with 2-3 chomps? This is a NEW day in age people. Most gamers want to be challenged, not frustrated by outdated gameplay mechanics.

Btw..the focus on co-op makes SENSE considering the events in the story. If u were Chris/ Jill and you survived that mansion incident..would you ever tackle B.O.W on your own in the future? Also, after Leon told Washington about the Las Plagas situation..the President probably met with the worlds superpowers to tell them that bioweapons are a serious threat to the world. Hence, everyone gets serious and sends huge teams of agents to tackle the problem...hence co-op.

Pintheshadows3031d ago

From Vanillabears comment,

"I miss Capcom......the last good console RE game was RE4......come on admit it it still had it's horror filled moments. It almost balanced action and horror perfectly"

He said knowhere that he wanted "to return to the annoying ink ribbon system, weird camera angles, and zombies that could kill you with 2-3 chomps".

You are just putting words into his mouth. He even acknowledged that RE4 almost got it right and that game is the foundation for the modern RE games.

LOGICWINS3031d ago

I never said that Vanilla Bear wanted to return to the old PS1 RE games..I said that the minority of RE fans do.

Pintheshadows3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

From your comment Logicwins.

Vanilla Bear..did it ever occur to you that there is another much BIGGER RE fanbase out there that wants the opposite of what you want? Why should Capcom invest millions of dollars to make a game for the minority of RE fans who want to return to the annoying ink ribbon system, weird camera angles, and zombies that could kill you with 2-3 chomps?

You definately said that.

Silly Logicwins.

You even address him by name.

VanillaBear3031d ago make it sound like I want them to go back to EVERYTHING that was in RE 1-3 when I never stated anything about those games.

Second of all if this is a new day in age then why ruin RE, why not make a new IP when the new changes don't suit RE at all. How would you feel if Uncharted added a ton of RPG elements because Naughtydog thought Mass Effect/Skyrim were more popular. It wouldn't feel right, it would ruin it. does NOT make sense. Your making it out like were talking about a game being realistic. Characters whether it's in films or games always go by themselfs even if they've faced an ememy before.

But please, don't make me laugh.......................mi nority, I'm pretty sure Co-op obsessed action packed fans who only care about the over the top gameplay elements and the big guns are the minority. Your making out that if your a fan of something and it evolves, even into something worse then we have to accept it because of new fans......OF COURSE theres going to be new fans, they've added something into a game which will make people who didn't like RE, enjoy the series....and at the end of the day those so called fans aren't enjoying RE, they aren't RE fans....there fans of a completely new game with the same old game title.

BlackTar1873031d ago

lol at logicwins no one ever agrees with him. New name time.

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FinaLXiii3031d ago

to much negativity RE6 looks awesome imo there´s all the good stuff about Resident Evil 4 and 5 with some resemble to the original trilogy.

VanillaBear3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Theres nothing in the RE6 trailer that looks even close to anything from RE1-3

Best bits from what

Sorry but it looks like a worse version of RE5, I get it's nice to have faith but your just going to let down again. This is Capcom...the ones who helped Slant Six hype Operation Raccoon City and said was going to be amazing

mamotte3031d ago

You pointed the exact problem with RE series. Revelations is pretty good, though.

It's not like there's no market. Is just that recent horror games (and specially RE games since 5) arent scary games.

Jpm2243031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

The cat will pounce at noon

Jpm2243031d ago

Lol LOGICWINS, a total of 28 disagrees and 3 agrees on your two of the worst fails I've seen on this site.

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phantomexe3031d ago

Dead space 1 creeped the crap out of alot of people so they paced it out in the second one. You can call dead space whatever you want i don't care but the facts are there and you can find them all over the net some people were creeped out so much they couldn't play it long. Sounds alittle like both and pulled off perfectly. Dead space 2 did a preety good job at it as well......and look capcom you can move and shoot and it still be creepy.

Saryk3031d ago

Horsecrap! I buy them a roller coaster ride, you know it is going to scare the shit out of you, but you want it too!