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At twenty dollars, Sumioni: Demon Arts is an absorbing alternative to the full-priced, conventional offerings in the PSN Library. For players undaunted by an elevated difficulty level and a design philosophy which encourages expertism through repeat play, the title offers a remarkably deep experience which contradicts its hack-and-slack appearance.

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mediastudies2497d ago

This one is getting some crazy scores. 4.0 from one site and a 9.3 from another. From the review it sounds like a "B" is about right.

sharpsword2497d ago

4.0 seems really low for this.

mediastudies2497d ago

Just read the 9.3 and 4.0 reviews. I'm more inclined to believe that the game is probably a 6-7.

The 4.0 review and this one were good the one that was 9.3 seemed like they cut and pasted a press release. This one goes into the game flaws more.

jetlian2497d ago

only thing worrying is its 20 dollars and 2 hours long

knifefight2497d ago

It depends on your definition of average.

Some websites say 7 is average, some say 5. In the case of the site that gave it a 4, they hold 5 as the average. It's not like they took a sh!t on it.

madmad2497d ago

Kind of reminds me of Kirby's dream course. Except with demons, of course.

deserteaglexix2497d ago

Thank you for posting, media!

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