Are Capcom failing to make appealing westernised shooters?

With Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City on the receiving end of some critical panning, is it time for Capcom to readdress how it makes westernised third person action games?

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LOGICWINS3035d ago

Why ask a question to which u already know the answer to?

Sanetoshi3035d ago

I kind of wish they'd stop trying to westernize their games. I think Resident Evil 4 was the only instance of that actually making the game better. In all other instances, their attempts have backfired and resulted in a broken mess.

LOGICWINS3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

RE5 is the first RE game I've ever played that I can say I deeply enjoyed due to the laid back fun gameplay. The inventory system is simple to use, the gunplay is refined, and the co-op is fantastic. Yeah..its not scary, but I'd trade in the improved visuals and gameplay for the horror any day of the week.

Aside from being alone, the reason I found past RE games scary/frustrating were the controls. Shooting constantly moving lickers with that retarded aiming system was a joke. And you expect me to believe that trained STARS operatives can't use any punches/kicks against enemies? I like challenge, but the way it was presented in the old RE games made no sense. RE5 is a godsend for the franchise despite what hardcore RE fans believe.

Jill and Chris should have had the ability to roundhouse kick zombies from day one!

Lionalliance3034d ago

Hahaha........ no
I respect ya opinion, but other side say.....just leave.

vallencer3034d ago

Really??? A ps1 game should of had the ability for the characters in the game to punch and kick?? Games weren't as sophisticated back then as they are now. Hardware limits growth guy and the ps1 with its controller and system were not good enough.

Highlife3034d ago

"Really??? A ps1 game should of had the ability for the characters in the game to punch and kick?? Games weren't as sophisticated back then as they are now."


LOL that is some funny sh!t. If that were true there are a lot of games that would have never been made back then.

Sanetoshi3034d ago

Resident Evil 5 had inexcusably tedious, unimaginative level design in a piss-poor effort to justify the forced co-op. There wasn't the same feeling of exploration and connectedness that previous games had, because it ditched that for a more convention western shooter level system. All forms of interesting puzzles were essentially ditched because they'd get in the way of going shooty-shoot bang bang. Plus, at times, the game treaded into frustrating bullshit territory, which was exacerbated were you stuck with an AI partner, effectively punishing people who prefer a single-player experience. Previous Resident Evil games, with the exception of RE4, had major problems, sure, but Capcom threw the baby out with the bathwater and the series is much worse for it.

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Gearshead753035d ago

Obvious answer to that is NO!! When have they ever and with each time they try it just doesn't work. Stick to what they do best and give us games that defined them. Still Capcom is a great company and I'm sure when RE6 hits fans will be happy once again.

bunt-custardly3034d ago

Yeah, gimme some RE6, can't wait for that!

Game3s3034d ago

"Are Capcom failing to make appealing westernised shooters?"

Seems the guys at failed English.

-MD-3034d ago

Which part of that quote is giving you trouble?

Game3s3034d ago

Wow you failed English too, since you can't see that their is a problem in the statement i will show you "Are Capcom failing" should be "Is Capcom failing", you learned something new today, have a nice day.

adamant7153034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Have you bothered to even check your own grammar? Its there, not their you dumb fuck.

TheFirstClassic3034d ago

Dude, I saw that but it's a pretty minor problem, something the site should correct, but nothing that makes other people idiots for not noticing. No need to be so condescending.

Game3s3034d ago

I saw the error so i called it out, -MD- did not see it so i showed him and by the comments some people still don't notice.

Hicken3033d ago

There's a problem with your thinking, here. Or rather, a lack of thought.

See, in lots of places, nouns like team and company- singular nouns that imply multiple objects- are treated as a plural in reference to the words around them. To us American, it just seems silly a team IS on a winning streak, because A team one thing. But a team is also made up of multiple people, and they ARE on that winning streak, as well.

I know where you're coming from, because it bothers me to no end. It's especially frustrating because I'm a writer. But when I see it, I understand that the English displayed is likely British in nature.

Then I get over it.

Shivan3034d ago

why is this site pretending capcom jp actually made this game?

They handed the game off to a garbage western dev.....thats who made it. It was a western game made by a western company

vallencer3034d ago

Because sadly in this day and age a lot of people still dont realize that just because it says capcom on it doesn't mean they developed it.

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