The Amazing Spiderman looks great, silly dubstep music not needed

Product-Reviews writes: The graphics are looking top notch this time around, but if there was one early criticism to note, it's the use of dubstep music, which developers seem to think will add a few brownie points to their trailers. NetherRealm Studios used dubstep in Mortal Kombat which actually wasn’t so bad, however EA’s use of dubstep in their most recent Battlefield 3 destruction trailer for Close Quarters was a terrible idea.

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danswayuk2495d ago

Not too sure on the movie but looking forward to the game.

StraightPath2494d ago

Spiderman games have SOOO much potential cant believe absolutely horse shit been releasing with spidermans name. Spider Man 2 way back in the PS2 was great because it was the first open world spider man game...the mechanics were good as for the missions were pretty poor really. Rememdy should do Spider Man game.

Batman Arkham City is THEEE best super hero game ever.

Hopefully this delivers but looking at trailer looks pretty bad...AGAIN.

Solid_Snake372494d ago

Sucker Punch would do a fine Spider Man game


i agree snake also naughty dog would do an outstanding job in the story if they were given the chance

lover20122494d ago

infamous 2
is incredible
my 2nd best super hero or "super anti-hero" game ever
but i agree batman:ac is the best

SilentNegotiator2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

We know this:

1) It's being made by Beenox, the creators of the awful recent Spiderman games.

2) The trailer showed Rhino as some sort of main attraction (dodge and punch butt, anyone?) and mechs. The creativity/innovation meters are pretty unimpressed.

3) BLLLLAAAAARGH stop hyping another Beenox Spiderman game! FFS! It never ends up being anything but mediocre or worse! If you thought Shattered Dimensions was exceptional, you need to....change allergy medication or something.

You like my dubstep?

I'm just saying; same developer, lack of innovation warning signs, same developer, and same developer. WHAT are the chances that this game will be an exception? Not good.

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iamnsuperman2495d ago

Game looks interesting but the trailer bugs me because of the music choice. It doesn't fit at all.

Nimblest-Assassin2494d ago

Even though I like dub step, it really does not fit with spider man. Try using the old spiderman theme from the 90's cartoon. That. Show was AWESOME

Hayabusa 1172494d ago

+ bubble for mentioning the 90s cartoon series. And yes, the intro music for that was awesome :)

mafiahajeri2494d ago

Haha I loved that show Spiderman was so wity and funny I bet I would still whatch and enjoy it today! SIGH 90's BTAS and Spiderman? I miss them.

Cartoons these days are rubbish

venomcarnage892494d ago

@Nimblest: I agree completely, that would be sick.

And I've been watching that Spider-Man series on Netflix a lot recently, they have the entire series! Ah nostalgia.

OhMyGandhi2494d ago

I worry that this game is trying to be "cool" by adding a music style that's popular. Spider makes this video cool alone, and Dubstep seems very desperate.

It's like how every damned movie trailer that uses Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" is trying to be edgy and raw, but ends up making the viewer question if film makers know of any other song that might actually suit the film they are putting out.

Hayabusa 1172494d ago

Fear not, these things tend to be made by marketing monkeys who usually don't care if what they're presenting is completely different from the game.

Captain Qwark 92495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

oh please, anybody who thinks this will be anything other than decent is clearly an idiot. there hasn't been a great spiderman game in about a decade, im 99% sure this will not be it.

music is irrelevant

zgoldenlionz2495d ago

Spiderman 2 was an awesome game I'm pretty sure that was out in the last decade and so was shattered dimensions and shattered dimension was made by the studio doing this game. The one thing lacking in the beenox spiderman games was the open world webslinging so I'm pretty sure this game is going to rock.

Hatmantc2495d ago

And prior to Batman Arkham Asylum there hadn't been a good batman game pretty much ever. Sooo anything is possible

mafiahajeri2494d ago

There pretty enjoyable ones like the one based on the Series on the Ps2 and the Batman begins one was great for a movie game especially the tumbler parts. Heck even GOtham racers was fun I remember wanting to finsih every level to to get to see the cartoon clips at the end!

Batman has the best liscensed games out there.

SilentNegotiator2494d ago

But that's because a GOOD developer came along and made it. This Spiderman game....still from Beenox.

Tdmd2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

@Captain Qwark 9

Both Spiderman 2 and Ultimate Spiderman were great games and they were released at 2004 and 2005, respectivately. Should The Amazing Spiderman be anything like those games, it will be much more than great in my perception. Now, I really would like to be able to enjoy my games without being called a idiot by strangers on the internet just for having a different taste in games, thank you very much.

EDIT: Sorry for the double post!

tr00p3r2494d ago

Ultimate Spiderman wasn't a great Spiderman game, sorry.. it was rather poor in my opinion. Spiderman 2 was very good though, Treyarch developed as well.

Captain Qwark 92494d ago

well thats why i said about a decade, spiderman 2 was the last good spiderman game i played. i did skip ultimate though, but then went back and tried the others and all were disappointing. worst part is the web slinging hasnt been as good in any game since spiderman 2, how the f*ck do you go backwards????

and thats true about batman but the difference between them is that they actually tried to make batman good, this is just another yearly spiderman and another cash grab banking on the movies success. it will be decent at best but will likely suck

TENTONGUN2494d ago

@ captian quark

wasnt the spiderman 2 game released with the movie? cash grab huh

FutureTechnologies2495d ago

Analyst and actuaries that works for the publishers think that dubstep will sale more copy's since it's very popular now. The investors don't want to loose money so has the corp so they tell the devs to put that kind of music in the game and they obey(they don't really have a choice). It's that simple!

tr00p3r2495d ago

agree with this.. looks like they are all jumping on the dubstep bandwagon for the sake of it. Kinda like when yo-yos used to be cool.

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