The Best Things Come In Mini Packages

'PlayStation Mini's' aren't just for the PS3, they can provide much needed quiet on long journeys as you can store hundreds on a large PSP memory card. They offer all types of genres from puzzle games like 'Hungry Giraffe' and 'Dino Gems' through to Survival horror games such as 'The Hysteria Project' Even monopoly is available in bite size form.

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FinaLXiii2403d ago

My favorite mini still is Age of Zombies.

Simple addictive arcade fun to play it on the go.

Cajun Chicken2403d ago

Cubixx, But then I got Cubixx HD. Breakquest is pretty damned good too.

MagicAccent2402d ago

Gamocracy one Legend of Robot and Space Shooter For 2 Bucks are my favourites :)

Canary2402d ago

I've had a PS3 since launch. Now I have two. And a PSP. And a Vita.

And I've yet to play a single Minis title. Are any of 'em genuinely good? The little I've heard about 'em make 'em sound like a collection of cheap mini-games, and given how little content full-on PSN games typically have, I can't see the appeal for shelling out any amount of money for 15 minutes of game.

cpayne932402d ago

Like Playstationer said, the games people mentioned here are good. I can personally recommend age of zombies and a space shooter for two bucks, both great games.

Playstationer2402d ago

@Canary, Just give a couple of the above titles a go. I really recommend 'I must Run' and 'The Impossible Game' It is worth it :D