Nvidia GTX 680 Round-Up; Nvidia retakes the performance crown

DSOGaming writes: "And it’s finally here with us. Kepler, the next codenamed Nvidia card, has been launched and comes with some amazing features. The card supports up to 7 monitors, a new feature called GPU Boost that raises the clocks of the card for a limited time, Adaptive Vsync, FXAA, while on the other hand 3D Vision Surround gaming is now possible with only one GPU. Not only that, but GTX 680 is power efficient as it averages around 175W and comes with the best overall performance."

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NYC_Gamer3035d ago

Never had any doubt because knew Nvidia would offer the better performance.

NewMonday3035d ago

from reports one problem is the 2gb memory limit.

and can this play BF3 60fps at full max ultra setting?

NYC_Gamer3035d ago

Yes it can plus there is a 4gb model coming

FordGTGuy3035d ago

I can play BF3 at full at 1080p on a 560 ti at nearly 60 fps....

T9003035d ago

Nvidia has certainly out done AMD on this one. What i like about Nvidia is not only their solid hardware, but the consistent driver support for their products. IMO solid drivers alone put Nvidia ahead of AMD.

ProjectVulcan3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

No surprise here. I read all the reports beforehand and they did not lie. Nvidia have well well beaten AMD. It is not comprehensively faster than 7970, but it is on average faster.

It is a lot smaller and it uses considerably less power. All that time Nvidia spent building really big chips has paid off, and they really nailed it with this. Nvidia always built bigger chips than AMD, which made them more expensive, but they did usually beat the AMD parts which made their premium justifiable in a sense.

Now AMD have a bigger chip, but it doesn't beat the GTX680 either to rescue it. AMD have a poor, expensive to make chip on their hands and although i said this first time i saw a 7970 perform, nobody listened. Now you must.

Consider the situation reversed and Nvidia have the upper hand especially when it comes to determining pricing.

Still this is not the card i am excited about. I am much more excited about the purported GK110 in the summer because it should still absolutely blow these away. Not only that it will force down the price of GTX680 and 7970 which stay rather high.

AMD will have a response i am sure, but until they can deliver it, they will struggle to make much money on their high end stuff.

hiredhelp3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

People soo quick to knock AMD why ... I mean come on bad drivers ok but nvidia known for bad drivers too.?
Infact its not just drivers TDR witch still to this day "manual G" likes to try to avoid given upset nvidia fans ansews too why because after god knows how long still not resolved.

Doesnt matter if you fan of the green team witch i was btw or if you a fan of the red team or play both sides the fence.. Witch what i have done for past 3 years.
Fact is all this nvidia retakes the crown better drivers like a console war.

Anyways incase you think im talking threw my ass look below if you wish not always one sided lets play have fun..

Btw from now on im only buying refrence cards not everyone is effected but not everyone has same setup make or mdel cards.

Arksine3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The 2GB memory isn't an issue, its the 256-bit bus. And its only an issue for one game, Crysis...which was a poorly optimized memory bandwidth hog.

It appears NV did their homework and concluded that it wasn't worth the cost to implement a 384-bit memory bus in most situations. The GTX 680 outperforms the competition in almost every other game.

That said, there are rumors circling that AMD is working on a driver that will increase performance by as much as 15% across the board. I hope its true, because then its game on. I can sit back and watch the price wars unfold, and grab up a 680, 7970, or even 8000 series card this fall. Hopefully by then prices will be lower than $400 for cards at this performance level.

john23035d ago

@NYC_Gamer: Oh man, can't wait for that FTW version. EVGA are the best (especially with their warranty policy and support)

AKS3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )


I always go with HIS for AMD cards and EVGA for Nvidia cards.

I have a 2x 6950 CF setup currently, but I may switch back to the green team when I feel like upgrading. I'll wait to see how EVGA's cards turn out.

I like both AMD and Nvidia. I've slightly favored AMD recently because their Crossfire benchmarks have been great, but I'm very impressed with the efficiency and overall performance with Nvidia's new cards.

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MrGunny943035d ago

Indeed, NVIDIA never let me down.. aparat from ATI with his drivers and game support

gamernova3035d ago

Can you smell what nVidia is cooking? :)

adorie3035d ago

if it's OC'ed and not watercooled, probably a burger patty ;)

gamernova3035d ago

Haha too funny. Bubble for that.

Kakkoii3035d ago

This joke doesn't work with this card though. It's a smaller chip than the 7970, runs cooler, more power effecient, while performing better.

Nvidia seriously changed things up in the architecture.

SnakeCQC3035d ago

i plan on getting this purely because of 3d vision but benchmarks were very close for the most part like always nvidia won some in by a few fps ati won some by a few fps and they prices for the 680 and 7970 are identical in the uk

xer03035d ago

This is Nvidias' mid-range card as well.

It was suppose to be a GTX 670, but it performed way better than they expected; so they renamed it to GTX 680.

The high performing GK110 will be even better.
Even so... I may very well switch out my GTX 560 Ti for a GTX 680 in the coming months.

Mikhail3035d ago

The 680 is still the flagship for now. Its price ($500) is not mid tier.

Im curious to see a 7970 OC vs 680 OC but I think (based on the benchmarks so far) it will be neck to neck between the two. However, the 680 is priced lower and a -30 watt advantage.

AMD MUST lower its price. The 7950 and 7970 is overpriced when it entered the market. The 680 comes in on a great price with slightly better performance in gaming.Hmmm, I might buy two 680's for my planned eyefinity/surround setup. or just wait for the dual gpu's.

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