CVG's exclusive Just Cause 2 preview and screens

While Grand Theft Auto appears to be driving down a street marked 'realistic' and with it ditching much of the playfulness of the series, other games are stretching the 'sandbox' template. GTA has gangs, the urban thing is safe.

But while hoodies and hooligans are welcomed with open arms to Liberty City, other developers and trying new things with the open world formula. Prototype is going all Heroes on the formula, Brutal Legend is just plain weird and now Just Cause 2 adds spies and acrobatics to the army of games knocking on GTA's door.

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Play B3yond4607d ago

Wow these screens look mad hot. I hope this games better than the last 1

Shankle4607d ago

Looks like a cross between uncharted and GTA at the moment. Can't wait!

nix4607d ago

i would love to know more... but i didn't bother to play JUST CAUSE properly.

MrSwede4607d ago

I loved number one so I'll probably pick this up too. Nice job Avalanche!

Andronix4607d ago

The first game took the GTA free roaming genre and put it in a brand new setting (Saints Row, takes some notes.).It had fantastic atmosphere, music and I love the island setting. Ive recently been playing the 360 version and the graphics make it look extra lush. I spend loads of time looking at those crimson sunsets.

The only bad thing with Just Cause is at times, the game felt a bit empty or repetitive. Hopefully the new game will inject a bit of variety, and more story. Maybe a few more señoritas?!

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The story is too old to be commented.