7 Games In April 2012 That Deserve Your Attention

In terms of quantity, April has fewer video games releasing than both March and February. What it lacks in quantity though, it more than makes up for in quality. Here are 7 games to look forward to next month.

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Dante1124212d ago

Nice, didn't know that Prototype 2 was releasing in April. I thought that game was way down the road, sometime in the fall. Good looking out, Trend.

TrendyGamers4212d ago

No worries. Any other games on the list you're waiting for?

Kahvipannu4212d ago

Yeah, me neither. I really liked the first one, tought I wanted to like it more than I actually ended liking it. It has some huge problems, but the good things overweighted the bad ones. I'm very eager to see how the second one turns out.

TrendyGamers4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

From what I've seen, it looks pretty good.

SPAM-FRITTER-1234211d ago

have fun with the witcher 2. its awesome sauce.

Summons754212d ago

Can't wait for the WItcher 2, got it for free from my boss but sadly my computer couldn't run it without it being choppy so I couldn't play through

R1CAN6174212d ago

Witcher 2 & Prototype 2 , never played the first Prototype but def want the second one

Kahvipannu4212d ago

First Prototype was pretty good, they nailed many things right. The city was cool, it was grim and had nice feeling in theme, special powers and combat was great, lots of things happening in the screen, moving in city was enjoyable too, and it really felt that there was ongoing crisis/war going on. This carried the game a lot.

There were a lot of side-missions etc, but the game was a bit repetive, and frustrating sometimes. I would call it the same kind of case AC1 was, they had the engine, the idea, but the execution falled a bit short, and if they can improve all the small things from there like AC2 did, it will be awesome game.

W2 I have not played yet, but I played first one thru on PC, and it's easilly one of the best RPG's that are out there. I haven't yet picked it up since I know it will take a long time to finish, but I'm pretty sure it will be as amazing as first one was.

GamePodunk4212d ago

I'm really looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles myself but yeah, this April there are definitely some good titles coming out. It'll be great for 360 owners to finally experience The Witcher 2.

BootHammer4212d ago

DMC HD collection, Witcher 2 and Walking Dead please ;) Three must haves for me...

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autobotdan9d ago

Best JRPG series of the last 5 years imo

repsahj9d ago

I agree 100%. My top JRPG so far, together with Baldurs Gate 3 and FF16.

autobotdan9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

There is no together at the top. There is only one top jrpg series. Xenoblade Chronicles series is alone at the top