Are Ninja Gaiden 3 and Raccoon City suffering at the hands of new review scales?

Could the lower than expected review scores for some of the year's most publicized games be a result of reviewers using the full review scale?

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NYC_Gamer2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I have watched videos of both games and the gameplay just didn't catch my attention.The reviews had nothing to do with my judgement on the titles.

-Mika-2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

And that how it should be. I never judge a game off a review. I form my own opinion about it judged off of past games and gameplay video of it.

Unfortunately alot of gamers judge their purchases off of reviews and i don't think they should do that. Alot of reviews are biased and are just horribly written. It makes gamers miss out on really good games. I bet alot of us here listened to reviews and passed on a certain game based on all the negative opinions on it. Picked it up a year later and loved it.

Ninja gaiden 3 is the hardest game in the series. Members on gfaqs and other forums are playing ninja gaiden 3 on master ninja difficulty and they are saying it the hardest game in the series since they add alot more enemies on screen and make them even more challenging but reviews ignored that. They probably picked the easiest setting, played 2 levels and wrote it off as bad.

This is why gamers should really just ignore reviews and try their hardest to form opinions by themselves or go on forums and try to weed out the trolls and actually find people honest people opinions about the game

Legionaire20052495d ago

The games this month failed to deliver, heck even yakuza zombie spinoff and Armored Core 5 got a bad score. The only game that actually got a good score, was Silent Hill HD Collection? Those 2 Silent Hill games come out a long time ago. A terrible month of gaming no good.

Inception2495d ago

Journey got a lot of great scores. I saw 9 or 10 everywhere. And Tales of Graces f also got a good score. So a terrible month of gaming not good? Not really.

Legionaire20052494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Yeah a straight to download game, an RPG, and a HD Collection of two old Silent Hill games. Still not good enough. Well Mass Effect 3(exceptional) was great until the bad ending, so not enough to beat last months success.

Gearshead752495d ago

Nah I really don't think that is the issue...RE:Op RC was destined to fail even though it looked promising because it wasn't your typical RE game. Reviewers are so wishy-washy now adays its hard to get a good read on a game from reviews alone...look at Metacritic for games and you'll see 100s to 30s for the same title.

NG3 wasn't really on my radar and I was suprised to see it hit the shelves after hearing so little about it...guess I've been tied up in Amular too long.

JsonHenry2495d ago

No. The games simply are not that good. The "meh" category seems to be deepening lately at the local games store selection.

soundslike2495d ago

"but jim sterling gave ninja gaiden a 5 so it must actually be good"

Sanetoshi2495d ago

Yeah, though I definitely intend to give them a chance, nothing I've seen has made them look that great, so them getting semi-low review scores isn't much of a surprise.

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