The Future Of DLC: Sexier, Less Content, And Even More Expensive?

GP: "When it comes to DLC, you're really getting a mixed bag. Some companies release extra costumes at ridiculous prices, others release entirely new characters and stories in one large bundle. There's just no way to know what a company is going to release until they actually announce it or it gets leaked.

But there does appear to be a certain trend in the gaming community as of late. More and more DLC being released these days seems to have been peppered with sex appeal, and it is cropping up in some very unexpected places. On top of that, it seems DLC packs are providing less and less new content at higher prices."

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Wow, did From Ashes really sell 400,000 copies in a day? Or was it a mix of Collector's Edition owners redeeming their codes and people buying it?

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If DLC is getting to be a ripoff, here's the thing to do: vote on it with your money... don't buy it!