Review: Silent Hill Downpour [Press2Reset]

Downpour takes a couple steps back (the right way) towards the roots of the series. Vatra Games clearly has some Silent Hill fans according to Aenne Schumann.

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Shivan2401d ago

this is why japanese devs shouldnt hand of ips to the west

they cant handle the unique stuff

GillHarrison2401d ago

They can, it's just Japanese publishers keep choosing god awful Western companies (Slant Six Games, Vatra, Rebellion.)

Shivan2401d ago

they are all aweful.....its basically blindfolding yourself and hitting a dart board

LordMegatron2401d ago

Vatra are from The Czech Republic

acidbrn2401d ago

Wasn't Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City handed off to a different developer as well?